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Ice cream and hopes for friendship

Posted on Mon Oct 26th, 2015 @ 6:07am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Jillian Forst

Mission: Moving in
Location: Corridors, DS12
Timeline: Not long after the lost and found

Wolf brought the girl by the cafe on the way toward sickbay where Soraya and Anna were.

The young lady who was acting as server for their chosen introduced herself and beamed at the young lady and asked what the pair felt like today.

Wolf lead the way, "Waffle cone with Bavarian Mousse Rocky Road ice cream, double scoop and....Rainbow sprinkles for color."

The server gave the XO an amused but impressed look before looking over to the girl and asking, "What about you?"

"Just Vanilla" The little girl sat, too tired to think.

A moment later the CMO was dragged into the cafe by her four-year.

"Mommy can we get noodles?" Annabella asked. She had a toy targ under her arm; one of the nurses had crocheted it for her.

"Sure," Soraya said through a yawn.

Wolf gave the young girl a warm smile thinking that if she was as she seemed perhaps he'd move things so that they'd not loiter around any longer than needed for a nice time. He was still getting used to being a babysitter, but this wasn't quite his first rodeo.

He noticed Anna and Soraya come in. Giving his new friend a reassuring smile, he unobtrusively signaled an invite to the two to join them.

"Mister Wolf!" the four year said excitedly. She held up the little toy targ. "Look what I have!"

"Very cute, Anna," Wolf said with sincere warmth. He followed suit by making introductions wrapping up with, "I promised this young lady that we'd take care of her until we can round up this pirate business and help get things sorted out."

The girl looked up from her ice cream for a moment and then buried her head back into it without betraying anything to the new people walking up.

The marshal noticed the girl's shyness. He understood it more than he could voice, but he was worried for her. He had little reason nor any right to be more than passively protective of her but....

He glanced at her then to the two ladies truly in his life, only barely masking the concern on his face. There was no grand attempt to mask it from Annabella empathetically as he would've failed if he tried anyhow.

Anna watched the older girl for a moment, letting herself feel her. There was too much... sadness? She couldn't be sure. Maybe she wanted to play?

"This is little Daisy. Real Daisy is sleeping with Nero," Annabella said to the girl, assuming with all the confidence of a young child that what she said made perfect sense.

"What is that?" she looked up from the ice cream? "A dog toy?"

Anna looked at her toy again, cocking her head. "It's a baby Daisy," she said. She seemed less certain now.

Wolf smiled and tilted his head and gazing at his new friend, or so he hoped, before saying, "Daisy's a very young targ. She was a gift and has very nicely taken to being part of the family it seems."

Annabella climbed into a chair and put her toy on the table. Soraya sat down as well, looking at the new girl with a warm smile. "Hello, what's your name?" she asked.

"Victoria Westland" she looked up from the ice cream again. "Victoria Marie"

"I'm Soraya, and this is Anna," the doctor replied. "Victoria Marie, it's very nice to meet you."

"Victoria has been a pleasure to spend the past hour or so with, even after a long trip," Wolf said with sincerity before giving Soraya a brief and unusually uncertain look. She cocked her head, trying to read between the lines.

"Would you like to have dinner with us tonight in our quarters?" Soraya asked the girl. Annabella's head shot up; she was grinning.

"We can watch a video and you can play with Daisy!" the four-year added excitedly.

"Sure we can do that." Some of the life returned back to the girls face. "I don't really have anything to bring with me though. The pirates didn't put any of my things in the escape pod."

"You don't have to worry about that Victoria Marie. We can replicate anything you may want or need," Soraya said to the girl.

Wolf found it hard to suppress a grin as he watched the girls. He'd actually set aside the grim work of pirate hunting watching Victoria Marie lighten up and his girls do their thing.


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