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Dirty Hands

Posted on Sun Aug 16th, 2009 @ 12:36am by Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Commander Lorran Vos & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant JG Diego Echevarria & Sogh Lhaerrh tr'Terik

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.
Location: Starbase 611, Operations
Timeline: Current

Commander Lorran returned back to the bridge of the Genesis when the Starbase came into view. Whatever he had planned he wasn't about to share quite yet. Instead he ushered the team from Linta with additional security personnel to the transporter room to beam over to the Starbase where they could stain their hands.

Filing upon the pad Mason still looked distinctly on edge, worry etched around her eyes and her palms clenched tightly around her rifle. The Borg could bring out the best and worst of people, for Mason that part had let to be decided for to date in her career she had not met them face to face before. Until now.

The transporter hummed into life taking a strong hold on the away team moving them precisely into Ops on the station where they were greeted with sharp, cautions reactions.

Most of the persons that were gathered Mason and the team recognized from their own crew, but the odd face including the Major General were less familiar. Once giving the room the once over Kristina’s eyes sought out her close friend, Beverly. She looked terrible.
The sort of terrible that you wouldn't normally conclude the Borg to be reasonable for.

Beverly heard the familiar hum of the transporter and turned to face it, drawing her phaser at the same time. But as the colour coalesced she could recognise five of the six faces that materialised.
The relief that washed through her was visible.

As the transporter effect faded away Daniels looked around the operations center of Starbase 611, or atleast what was left of it. Many of the work stations where blackened chared messes with damage control teams moving from system to system like worker ants trying to restore some kind of order to the chaos.

Without realising it Beverly was on the move across the Ops centre to stand and embrace her old friend Krissy. "It so good to see you". She followed by shaking the hand of her first officer and the smile on her face was gleeful.
"You have no idea how glad I am to see you".

Kristina returned the tight embrace relieved to see her friend was alright although behind those eyes she could see something dark was stirring.

Commander Lorran returned her handshake with a firm squeeze and an easy smile. "Are we too late?" he asked as he looked around. "It doesn't seem like there's much left to defend." he teased.

With as warm a smile as she could muster she returned the hearty hand shake. "You wait until you see the engineering decks".
Some of the humour made it to her eyes, but more and more of the Alien eyes seemed to be returning. With every hour that slipped past she could feel a small amount of herself slipping away, but now was not the time or place to be worried about that.

Mike peeped out behind all the officers with a half smile. "Captain."

Diego stepped off the pad and took in the faces of everyone else. It was a wholly new category for 'fear' etched into every one of them- a kind which he had never observed before. Still, he didn't need to come face to face with a Borg drone to understand the sort of terror they inspired in the human race, let alone every known species in existence.

He found himself stepping over to DeVuor, hoping that his own composure was not slipping. "How are you holding together, sir?"

She was trying to allow the veil of composure to slip back into place, but she was finding it difficult. Her emotions were running like wild horses.
"I could be better", she admitted and instantly regretted it.

Then she spotted him. A young Romulan officer standing at the rear of the group, he had a new officer look about him. "Uhlan... isn't it?"
She addressed the young Officer directly. Trying to understand how he might have come to be with Commander Lorran and the others.

"Uhlan Lhaerrh tr'Terik," Lhaerrh said after a moment, "I'm just trying to understand how I came to be assigned to this base."

"Well now that your here, are you willing to assist us retake this base?"

Beverly's tone was icy and unwilling to compromise. "If this station falls, then there is a good chance the Romulan Star Empire would be next".

Lhaerrh took a moment to looked at the female human for a second before nodding, "Then I am at your services, Captain."

Commander Lorran stepped aside to allow the young Romulan to step forward and headed toward the Major General while the Uhlan got acquainted with the captain. He stiffened briefly to attention. "General," he nodded. "It seems that we have a fight on our hands. How is everyone holding up?"

She returned the nod "The crew are noticeably shaken, but they are responding to the situation like a good Starfleet crew should. It was a bit chaotic at first, but we are working on organizing the defense of the station, at least until the Doc's little surprise is ready." She was glad to see that some of the station's senior officers were returning.

This was there Diego stepped in to interrupt. "I beg your pardon sir," he spoke to the General, "but are there any station personnel suffering from any number of mental and emotional breakdowns I may be able to assist?"

She nodded "Check around Ops, I'm sure there's got to be a few people shaken up."

"I'll go with you, Ensign. I might be useful somewhere." Mike stated, breaking his usual informalities around the General to avoid any scrutiny.

Vos checked the station's master display for a moment to familiarize himself with the layout as well as how far the Borg had encroached. He needed to be able to recall every detail, every subjunction, if he was going to be able to effectively fight here. He wanted to head down to sickbay to see how Leanne was holding up as well as what she was working on for the General, but he needed to prioritize, unfortunately. He tried not to tap his foot as he committed details to memory.

With a discerning eye Beverly watched as her crew moved around Ops, busying themselves with tasks that could help in retaking the station. As Captain Picard had once said, 'This far an no farther. The line must be drawn here'.
Those words rang in her ears. The lives of the people around her were at risk, that of the federation planets in the surrounding area. Millions upon millions of lives depended on their actions here. They had no option but to defeat the Borg and drive them back from where they came from.



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