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Welcome aboard

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Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Captain's office

Harrison had one last duty to perform before presenting himself for the operation. There was a new ambassador on board and, given she was Cardassian, he felt it his responsibility to welcome her personally. He could, he knew, leave the duty to Bannister but the prime role of Deep Space 12 was, as it had been in its old location, to assist Cardassia in whatever way possible to recover from the horrors of the Dominion War.

He put on his formal uniform then sat himself down behind his desk.

“Ops, please inform Glin Meret that I will see her now.”

Meret took a deep breath to compose herself, made sure her uniform was straight and gave the right impression of professionalism. She hoped anyway. How hard could it be to enter, make a good impression? Some days it was very difficult indeed - and dealing with the Federation usually was a challenge. So far so good. She entered and gave a polite bow, "Thank you for meeting with me..."

Harrison looked up. “Glin Meret. Thank you for seeing me so promptly. Please, be seated.”

Polite so far, Meret bowed her head again by way of acknowledgement, "Thanks again." She was observing, studying the man and calculating what level of threat he posed.

“Could I offer you refreshments?”

"Kanar is customary but I do not believe in drinking on the job." Meret gave her most polite smile, "So if you have some human refreshments that would be acceptable." She had more than a casual acquaintance with humans but was not about to let that become public knowledge. Better to keep the mystery....

“As you would be aware, one of the prime functions of Deep Space 12 is to provide humanitarian relief to outlying Cardassian worlds and outposts in this sector. It is part of the ongoing Federation effort.”

Meret gave another nod, being polite, "And one that is appreciated by my people. But do not let me interrupt, please continue."

“The effort is currently being hampered by the activity of pirates who have begun raiding the main trade routes. Starfleet is currently laying listening buoys along the frontier to try to map their preferred locations for attacks. Legate Vadrek is aware of this and has given his approval.”

"So I believe," Meret said, keeping it neutral, "And that is of course what brings me here. To provide the Legate our humble support."

“I am sure Legate Vadrek will be pleased,” Harrison replied, noting the neutrality and matching it. “I gather he has felt somewhat...isolated of late.”

"The concern is that some dissident elements are mixed in with these pirates...and that threatens us and the stability of Cardassia. Anything that threatens Cardassia is a concern." Meret smiled slightly, telling just enough of the truth to be convincing but leaving out many of the important details.

“That is my concern, as well. I have nothing definite to go on but.... Well, let us just say that I hope the listening buoys will confirm – or deny, of course – my fears.”

She took the offered drink, many non-Cardassian things were inferior but she had to admit they had managed to create some pleasant beverages. "If we find Cardassian pirates you will be pleased to know that they will be dealt with appropriately...the Central Command is both swift and efficient when it comes to dealing with criminals."

“So I have noted in the past,” Harrison commented. “Our methods are dissimilar but, I assure you, effective. I trust they will prove to be so in this case. Now, if you will excuse me, Glin, I am rather pressed for time at the moment. Would you please present your credentials to Lieutenant Svardberg? She is our Chief Security Officer. She will arrange for the necessary access permissions and will see to accommodation and such matters.”

"It will be my pleasure." Meret bowed again, oh so polite. Humans and their associates were oh so willing to take Cardassian politeness as a surprise and also as a very welcome thing - and most wouldn't look beyond the surface. She added again, feeling she was being dismissed, "Thank you for your time, unless there is more I can tell you...or do for you."

Harrison bowed his head in acknowledgement of the gesture. “Now, if you will excuse me, time presses.” He rose and walked towards the door.


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