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The Snitch-Part Three

Posted on Sat Oct 24th, 2015 @ 5:02am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Sub-Commander Valk'o

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Romulan Embassy

Sub-Commander Valk'o activated a secure channel to General Corrus' chamber and encrypted her image.

"General." Said the disorted voice that was attached to the blurry image, "I have some information that may interest you."

MG sighed after keying in the incoming message and thought that this cloak and dagger crap was more Wolf's style but, for good or ill, he was his bag too for the rest of this rodeo it seemed.

Taking a seat perched on the desk facing the screen, he keyed in the two way not bothering a masking protocol as it'd do no good anyhow. The senior marine replied, "You've got my attention. As the Human saying goes, I am all ears."

"I understand you had a conversation with the Romulan Ambassador recently." The distorted voice said. "It may interest you to know, General, that that converstation was recorded on the ambassador's end."

"I am not very surprised. I should have also mentioned that we're keeping very meticulous notes....The Federation members of this cabal as well as the others. I'm glad it was enough to garner a little attention," M.G. with a slightly lopsided grin.

"It may also interest you General ,to know that the Ambassador had two meetings today. The first, with Captain Sharpe, lasted only a few minutes." The malice could be heard even through the voice distortion , "The second meeting was with Vice Admiral Waldorf. They spoke for over an hour, and the Ambassador took a copy of your conversation , with edits of course." There was a pause, "I expect you'll soon find out the outcome of that meeting."

"Understood. Certain people in the Federation are also aware of the situation regarding the Admiral. The news about the captain is something that I'd not heard of however. Thank you for that," the marine said nodding a bit, quite frankly interested in why this information was being divulged.

"How many of your superiors are apprised of your plans?" The distortion remained even.

"Let's just say I am not the only senior officer with knowledge of what is going on. I think I can safely assume that you are aware that the situation is....Complex," M.G. said arching an eyebrow as he finished.

"And what, General, would come of a confrontation with the Admiral?"

MG stared into the screen quietly for a moment. He tilted his head and looked at the "masked" person on the other side of the screen.

"If that is an immediate likelihood it'll be sooner than expected....." he said thoughtfully.

After punching in a few quick notes into his desk and nodded, "It'll be something we'll be ready for shortly."

"Please let me know now if there is anything more I can do." The voice said without any emotions.

With a barely perceptible nod, MG asked the simple question, "How?"

"This channel will remain active for the next Twenty Four hours.That will be the only way to contact me, unless you require something now."

"Unless you can tell me an easy way to convince the Ambassador to help out with the marshal's space posse...."

MG was tempted to smirk but he opted to play a hunch before he did so. It was a long shot however it was one he'd feel remiss if he missed.

"That would serve greatly to my goals as well General." The voice remained flat, "I will see what can be done to those ends."

Corrus nodded slowly eyeing the screen thoughtfully before replying, "I'll keep in touch. And if this works out, I believe that I can ensure the trade promises I made go through. If we pull this off it will be a debt I will be glad to pay on."

"Until we speak next, General." The connection terminated.

The General turned to his old friend who'd been standing off screen and smiled, "Well, I'm not sure we could've planned that better. I suppose we aught to get the next segment going…"


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