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Posted on Thu Oct 15th, 2015 @ 4:47pm by Commodore Lax Rendo're XVIII

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Receiving Center Quitu Five

"Two Thousand Tons of Argalian Barley" The dock officer handed the padd to the Federation Inspector.

"Everything looks good, along with all of the other goods, the Federation thanks you for your cooperation and here is your payment. We always make good on our word." The clean cut man with perfect hair, teeth and face pressed his thumb on the padd, transferring the funds to the dock officer.

"Ehhh... you people are the only ones that want this stuff." The dock officer grabbed the padd back and walked over to the office, leaving the Inspector and his two associates on the busy port. All around, workers and robots went about their chores, lifting goods, moving them from bay to bay, and onto transports.

The busy din was interrupted by a large explosion that ripped open one of the bay doors, and the phaser fire that poured through the now gaping hole in the door. Several men and women poured through the garage door; they fired at anything that moved, alive or dead. The apparent leader of the group yelled. "Take everything that isn't bolted down! We can use this to sell! Lax said that the children of Quitu Four have starved too long!"

The federation representatives cowered behind crates, they fumbled for their comm badges, they hoped for a quick beam out when the high pitched whine of a phaser stopped the scramble for relief.

"Ooooooh... look at what we have here! The Commodore is going to love the present we've gotten for him! On your feet Federation dogs!" The pirates motioned for three to stand and motioned towards the outside.

=Asteroid Base Gamma Twelve=

"They did what?" Lax rubbed his face.

"A federation trade inspector and two minor sector officials, they were there buying food stuffs to distribute rations on the planet Giles, they've been suffering a famine. The raiders whom are a franchised unit raided the supply depot to take food to the next planet over which has been kept in poverty by the system government."

"We told them not to take prisoners! Those idiots." Lax looked at three of his sector captains over a comm link. "Alright, alright, well we might as well use this to our advantage get them to say that the Federation was responsible for genocide on Chartesi Prime and then execute them on liv... wait."

Lax sat back in his chair and peaked his fingers, he ran through different scenarios, scenarios that would benefit him the most.

"Alright, get them to take responsibility for what they did on live TV, make a food drop at the planet they were going to supply, and then dump them Deep Space Twelve. We'll get some good publicity, and get rid of them."

The three captains nodded and clicked off their screens. Lax rubbed his head. This felt like it was almost about to get away from him.


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