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Rumor Mill

Posted on Thu Oct 22nd, 2015 @ 3:04am by Cassius Lincoln

Mission: Moving in
Location: The Starfire Bar and Grill

Cass was in the back office finishing up the orders for the next day in the middle of the day right before the lunch rush. He rubbed his eyes after finishing and sending it off.

The paperwork was always the least enjoyable part of the job save having to let someone go. It was a necessary evil however. The rumors he was hearing seemed to qualify as the same boat.

Assassination attempts, anti Federation propaganda, and stuff that was even harder to believe. He wasn't into spreading rumors but it was useful to hear them, especially when you worked in a place like this: A busy star base. He made a point to keep notes just in case there were aspects that were more realistic than others.

With a sigh, he finished his fusion jasmine and green tea and brought the cup to the replicator in his office for recycling. He learned years ago that the universe was a crazy place. It wasn't always nice to know that some things didn't change.

Cassius slipped on his coat and straightened his shirt hoping to look a bit less rumpled before heading out to the bar. Whatever happened next could well be interesting.


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