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The Snitch-Part Four

Posted on Tue Nov 17th, 2015 @ 8:35pm by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Vice Admiral Catherine Waldorf

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: TBD

Catherine walked with direct purpose. She was, no doubt, unnerved by her meeting with S'Ranya. She intended to confront the General about his proposal and appeal to his sense of service.

Anyone who saw her probably thought there was some sort of emergency, and in a sense there was. The Admiral rounded the final corner of her journey, and pressed the chime.

M.G. looked over at Wolf Bannister, with whom he'd been helping to plan the multi fleet posse to go after Lax (among other things), when the door chime rang.

After a trade of nods, MG said, "Enter."

Cautiously, Catherine entered the well appointed cabin not unlike her own. "General, I was hoping we might have a word." she said, upon seeing Corrus. "Alone." she added, when she spotted Bannister.

Wolf paused, glancing at his old friend. The marine flag officer nodded to him and said, "Why don't you touch base with Glin Meret to see if there's anything they can bring to the party, Colonel?"

Wolf nodded, "I'll send a message from ops to start things off. I should spend a bit of time up there once in a while until the Captain's back on duty. Holler if you get anything interesting from our friendly neighborhood contact?"

"You need to ask," MG asked with a slight smirk.

Wolf popped to since he was pretty much accepting orders, regardless of informality. He turned to leave then gave the admiral an amiable smile and nod before headed out, with a respectful, "Admiral....."

As the doors closed, MG gave his fellow flag officer a slight lopsided grin and stood, gesturing toward one of the comfortable chairs in the room, "Care for a seat, Admiral? I suspect it'll make the conversation I....think....that we're about to have at least a little more comfortable."

"Thank you." she said, sitting cautiously. "As I'm sure you are aware, I had a visit from the Romulan Ambassador S' Ranya."

"The Colonel and I were passed that information, yes," Corrus said honestly

"She brought forth some..." Catherine searched fro the correct words, " troubling information."

"The offer to help push through trade benefitting the Romulans in exchange for ships to assist in a multi government operation against Lax and company? If that's it, it's true. Of course those offers are mostly materials the Federation is well set for," MG said with a light but lopsided smile.

Catherine was taken aback, "Might I ask how you got approval for this operation?"

"Starfleet Security and the Marshal's service are not pleased with the threat level this batch of pirates presents. Not only are they criminals but a threat to the peace and a destabilizing force in the sector which is all the more dangerous considering..... Their anti-Federation propaganda has been verified to be...effective. We were afforded a lot of leeway, up to and including that offer....Of course not carte blanche cracks at the resources of the sector but we didn't quite go into detail in this initial discussion luckly," MG said.

"The Romulans have a knack for being devious if not shifty. Additionally, their ships are equipped with cloaks standard which our ships are not. We'll need access to both considering what we've seen from this group," the marine finished with grim soberness.

"Have you considered the implications of involving foreign powers in a plot like this? Should anything go wrong, all the years of peace, all of the negotiations, would go out the window!" She was furious at the situation.

"I've known the Romulan ambassador for some time now, and never before have I seen her so troubled by a request." Catherine's eyes fluttered."Despite the obvious benefits for her and the Empire, she understood the posible outcomes"

"S'Ranya and I have never seen eye to eye, but in this instance I stand behind her position."Catherine said, surprising herself with the show of confidence in the Romulan.

MG nodded and said soberly, "The possibilities for a spectacular success are outnumbered only by the chances of an epic failure. That's not uncommon for any action in the field. When I made the presentation to the Ambassador, I will admit I was trying for a convincing presentation but I did not mean to leave her with the idea that declining to join in wasn't an option. It certainly has been and is an option."

"I'm still uncertain why you are being so reckless. This has the power to end the Diplomatic activities with the Romulans. " She stood, her posture became authoritative, "Would that have served your purpose General?"

"Not at all. It is quite unlikely to do so on it's own, which is to say they'd have to be already motivated to so and more if not a lot better ammunition. Besides, I had a very interesting conversation with a member of her staff that suggests otherwise," MG replied.

Catherine was growing impatient, "What do you mean?"

"This whole thing is supposed to be a surprise since the pirates who have assets on station. Imagine, knowing that, how surprised and....dismayed I'd have been if a little birdie had not let me know that you had met with the Amassador earlier. There was also the suggestion that there are factions that would appear to be much less offended by the concept I proposed," the former pilot and lawyer said, letting his voice trail off.

"I can't go into too much detail though. Since we're still getting details it might easiest to just chalk that discussion to Lawyer/Client confidentiality. Wolf would likely want list this source as a protected informant. Regardless, I can only guess as to the Ambassador's game at this rate but we need all the help we can get with this. Can I count you in? If for sound advise if little else," Corrus asked with a serious face as he added a slight, unconscious head tilt of curiosity.

"I afraid not." Catherine placed her hand firmly on her hip, "If I find that this fleet has launched without authorization from Starfleet Command, I will see to the matter personally."

Her tone softened a bit, "I truly do understand your intentions General, I do. But we must think of the impact, not the intent."

Straightening up again, she said, "I am obliged to tell you, I will need to report all of this to my superiors."

"I have been thinking of both intents and impacts. Very much so. In fact, I suspect that things are worse than you realize," MG said looking quite pained as he said so.

After a brief pause he looked up and asked, "Hold that thought for a moment, Admiral?"

A shot of confusion fell on Catherine's face.

Tapping his badge, MG said, "Corrus to Bannister."

"Yessir," came the quick response.

"We got room for another addition to the rodeo? It's your sioree after all," came the General's reply.

"I know you'd not ask without good reason. Up to you and please keep me posted. Bannister out," came the law enforcement officer's reply.

"I won't ask you to stop, Admiral. I think there is someone who will ask you to do it for me," MG said gesturing toward the wall vid screen and activating it.

A few minutes passed as a personal message from Starfleet Security HQ played before the screen shown the Federation flag before powering off. He said, "I figured if one of the top officers is saying the stakes are as high as he says says here, gives us a rough outline of how bad he thinks it is. I think that the reason for the cloak and dagger as well as keeping as few people in the loop as possible seems to also be warranted."

He took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly before asking, "With that in mind, could I ask you to change least long enough to see this through?"

"I don't like this General, but you do seem to have things under some sort of control." She crossed her arms, "as long as I am kept updated, and no further diplomatic olive branches are extended, I'm certain I can try to overlook this."

MG looked thoughtful for a moment before he said, "I think I can safely say that l should stick with law and flying fighters rather than diplomacy. And I promise that I will keep you as updated as much as I can possibly manage with any relevant information."

Catherine shook her head. His evasive way with words did not go unnoticed. "I'm sure you can manage a quick field update every day, or as things change." She turned away, "I'm already doing quite a bit General, don't push it." She wiped a stray piece of white hair that had fallen, from her face, before turning back.

"I or the Colonel will make a point to give you a brief rundown of any important benchmarks or important updates as they arise or any meaningful information that becomes confirmed. Will that be acceptable at some point each day," MG asked looking a little more sincere this time.

Although she did not trust him, she had to accept the concessions. Nodding she said, "That will do quite well General."

"I'm glad, Admiral. I'm sure you'll be getting more news before too long," MG said with some professional amiability.

Corrus watched thoughtfully as the admiral left. After a moment, he started an encrypted note to Wolf using a Marshal's service eyes only key giving a rundown of what happened and that they should reach out to their unknown friend soon.

Once sent the senior marine went back to panning strategies for this motley crew being called a posse. Nothing like fun filled days like this he thought sarcastically. And things went on.....


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