Voice of the Damned

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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Battau, Lantana Prime
Timeline: 2000 years ago

Lantana Prime
2000 Years Ago


“The war between the Eastern Union and the Naxxis regime continues on today, with reports of enemy troop movements into the city of Alcardia. Intelligence reports released by EU officials are troubling, suggesting the possibility that the Naxxis regime is close to developing new weaponry of unprecedented potency. Meanwhile, EU forces are maintaining the blockade of the Belkin province, despite an increase in the potency of offensive action by the enemy.”

“Next, we turn to Breatta Nire with the weather. Breatta?”

“Thanks Polen, This morning’s highs….”

Malen pushed the power button on the remote, turning off the vidcast before he tossed the controls unto the couch. This morning’s governmental provisions seemed to taste less like real food than normal, and left an empty feeling in his stomach. Either that or it was the constant feeling of dread that had sunken into his very being over the war with the Naxxis.

He paused for a moment, letting the silence of the room settle in. There was going to be no good ending to this war, he thought, as he had more often now. The Naxxis Regime was growing stronger and stronger every day, despite what the EU government said. It’s pointless to even go to work…

Malen shuddered, in a physical attempt to shake the grief and negativity out of him. He firmly fixed his EU citizen identification badge on the outside of his shirt, and made his way out the front door. It was a bit chillier than normal, or so he thought.
In the distance stood a constant reminder of how close he stood to a society of evil and domination….one of the Naxxis towers. It was a giant abomination on the horizon, a massive mechanical peak that seemed to gaze down upon the land with a perpetual frown…or maybe a wicked smile.

Malen frowned; saddened by the sight, as he was every morning. He forced himself to put one foot forward, then the other, until he was walking away from his home and to the community transport to take him to his job at the hospital.

After the security screening at the transit checkpoint, the aerial commuter transport took off like it normally did. Cruising about 30 meters off the ground, Malen was awarded an even better view of the Naxxis tower in the distance. Something was different though… it appeared as though long veins of blue energy were beginning to pulse up the sides of the colossus, and a sinister sphere was forming at the top. He wasn’t the only one to notice, other passengers crowded against the window in amazement. The orb topping the structure was growing larger and brighter, pulsing with energy.

‘This can’t be good,’ he thought.

Screams were uttered by some as the sphere exploded into a column of azure energy that raced upwards into the heavens, seemingly piercing the sky. It started to turn dark outside, as if the very sun was cowering in fear. Then, the beam exploded, and a shockwave of energy coursed outward from the tower.

Some started pounding at the walls of the transport, screaming. Others sobbed. But Malen, he just stood there, watching as the wall of seemingly imminent death traveled towards them, consuming everything in its path.

Below him in the city streets, the tiny outlines of people desperately ran in a futile effort to escape their impending death, only to be swallowed up by the ever-growing torrent.

And then the wall of energy reached the transport, and Malen stood motionless, eyes wide open, so that he may look into the face of his creator.

Created by Lieutenant Zhjaeve