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Meeting the New Marines

Posted on Sun Jan 25th, 2009 @ 9:59am by Captain Jorvin

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Beverly found her wanderings had taken her down too the Marine Training Facility. It was a part off the ship she rarely found herself. If truth be told, she was a little afraid off Marines and had avoided them. In her opinion Starfleet was for exploration and scientific discovery, not combat. But still, given her new role, she needed to put in an apperance.

She silently moved towards the doors and allowed herself to enter. The room was huge. Larger than Cargobay one. Gym equipment lined one wall, and crash mats in the center off the room. Over too her left was a control and briefing room, and too her right a small galley and office's. It was a nice set up, but then her eyes caught the weapons racks. Lined behind her were rack after rack of hand held weapons. She understood that every ship carried a supply of weapons, but before the Dominion war they were always hidden away, noone ever knew they were there. However, times had changed, and so must she. It was time to introduce herself.

Walking further into the room, she found it devoid off anyone. She was unsure where to go or even which side room to check in.
"Hello", she called out, "Is anyone here?".

Jorvin and his Marines had just recently arrived on their new ship, the Genesis. It was a Nebula class, a larger ship and more comfortable than what the Marines were used to. When their shuttles docked they disembarked and headed to the Marine Training facility. They set everything up and Jorvin headed to his office while the others went off to their quarters. He was setting thing up the way he liked, hanging his bat'leth on the wall, when he heard someone say Hello and ask if anyone was here. He walked out and saw a Lt. Cmdr. there. *She must be the CO he thought, chiding himself for not going to meet her sooner.* Jorvin saluted and said "Greetings Commander. My apologies for not coming to your ready room already.

"At ease Captain", she smiled at him, what ever he was, she couldn't decide. Was he Klingon, Romulan, she couldn't tell. "I don't expect my officers to salute me, and the same apply's too yourself".
She glanced around the room, "I've never seen this part off the ship. Its impressive".

Jorvin relaxed and said "Thank you Commander. Yea this training facility is actually much larger than we are used to. We were on a Nova refit class one time and barely had enough room to lift weights, much less target practice."

"If I remember my ship history correctly, the Nebula Class was the first exploration ship to hold a marine outfit", she realised she still hadn't introduced herself. She turned to face him and extended her hand to shake the other mans. "Lieutenant Commander Beverly DeVuor".

'Ah you know your history quiet well Commander," Jorvin said. He took her hand in his and shook it. "Captain Jorvin"

He had a firm grip and a warm smile, maybe she had been to hasty to judge. "Well Lieutenant, is there anything you need down here, equipment or other supplies?".

Jorvin thought for a moment. "Not that I can think off", he replied. "Other than a briefing of whats going on." Jorvin liked to get down to business, not that he didn't like conversations, but Marines were the 'business' side of the Federation.

"Very well", she started to move towards the breifing room attached to the department. It was going to be more comfortable to sit down and explain than stand. She could feel Jorvin fall into step beside her. "Lets take it into your breifing room shall we, I haven't had a coffee in hours".

"Sounds good." Jorvin said as he followed Beverly in.

The doors in here were much heavier than the rest off the ship, and you could hear the difference in the hiss and sound off the doors.
She entered and made a bee line for the replicator. "Would you like anything Captain?".

"I'll have a coffee as well." Jorvin responded taking a seat at the table. As he sat down Jorvin noticed the briefing room. it looked kind of like a small auditorium. There was a podium up front, with a view screen behind it, and several rows of chairs each with their own view screen. The chairs were just the right amount of comfortable, you wouldn't go to sleep, but you also wouldn't be uncomfortable. Jorvin was wandering off in thought when Beverly spoke to him.

"So, what do you know about recent events here on Genesis?", it was a simple question that dredged up any amount off pain and suffering again for her, but she had to work through it.

"Not much at all, unfortunately." Jorvin responded.

She made herself comfortable in the chairs, "Well, recently Genesis has undergone a shift in command. Both Captain and First Officer were lost, and before you can ask the question, no I can't talk abou it yet, still too painful", she looked directly at the officer to gauge his responce.

"That's ok Beverly. Can I call you Beverly? I understand. It is hard to loose someone close to you.

She nodded confirmation to the Marine. She didn't stand on formality when it came too those that might sometime in the future save her life.
"Starfleet saw fit to place me in command, I was the ships second officer under command of Captain Jennings. I was his Science Officer", she chuckled slightly, it wasn't a nice noise. "We were also conatcted by Captain Greenwood who assigned up to investigate the S.S. West Ridge's dissapearance not far from here. The West Ridge is a colony ship that was enroute to set up 'New Carolina Colony'. They have been out of contact with Starfleet since setting down on the planet almost three weeks ago. We have been sent in to find out whats happened", she suddenly had a thought. "I would like you on the initial team Captain".

Jorvin listened to what the Commander had to say and then responded. "A lost colony. Hmm. This should prove to be an interesting mission." Ah yes Commander I will go on the team and will likely take a few Marines with me if thats alright."

"Thats fine Captain, all I ask is that you liase with our First Officer". She took a moment to sip at her coffee. "Do you have any questions Captain?".

"Hmm. Not that I can think of at the moment." Jorvin replied.

"Well then Captain, how about you escourt me to lunch, I don't know about you, but I'm starving".
She climbed out off her seat and moved to the door, waiting for the Jorvins responce. "Ten Forward does a mean Vulcan Mollusc Salad".

Jorvin got up to follow her out "Not much for salad but lunch does sound good"

Beverly lead the way, an easy flow off conversation developing between the two. It had been several days since she had felt this relaxed.


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