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Pocket of Life

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2009 @ 9:35am by Captain Jorvin & Ensign Amadeus Madden

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.
Location: Surgical recovery ward, medical deck
Timeline: Current

Surgeon Annabelle Brenari fanned her sweaty face. They were locked on the third medical deck and thus far had remained undetected. With main power offline and the Borg raising the temperature to suit their needs she and the remaining staff and patients were roasting.

She had been working loose a panel in the corner of the room that lead into a ventilation shaft for most of the morning and with a final heave it gave.

"Alright," she called to her assistant Logan. "Since I'm the smallest I'll go through and see if I can find some help. Keep everyone calm, sedate them if you have to. I'll be as quick as I can, and remember do NOT go after me if I don't come back." She raised a narrow finger. "Do you understand?"

Logan nodded, sweat glistening upon his upper lip. He was scarred she could tell, they all were even she. But her senses had picked up activity close by that was more complex then Borg, perhaps Starfleet had finally sent aid all she had to do was alert them to the small pocket of people down here.

With one last lingering look Annabelle dived into the panel and crawled on her front long the narrow shaft. The air was stale in here, she drew deep lung fulls of the thick air willing her body to propel her onward.
In the semi darkness she would sense movement from the corridor the shaft ran adjunct too. Wriggling a little faster she kicked the grate for all it worth attracting the attention of the passing party.

Breathlessly she tumbled out of the shaft into the slightly fresher air and drank it like a dehydrated person after a day in the desert. "Wait," she called throwing up her hands. "Don't shot I'm human, a survivor. I can show you where there's more!"

Annabella cringed a little. That came out wrong...

Jorvin turned to see a Doctor run out with her hands up. "Don't worry we wont shoot. Take us to the others."

With a sharp nod Ann turned upon her heel crawling back into the tunnel she had just emerged. "We sealed the door because the Borg were wandering close by but they didn't come for us, maybe they didn't see the need to assimilate us."

One of the Marines just rolled her eyes, not actually saying anything but silently thinking that this Fleeter was about as dumb as a sack of potatoes.

When the Borg came to assimilate anything they didn't stop until everyone and everything was converted or killed. The fact that they might have been spared for the moment only meant that the Borg were more interested in something else at the moment and would come to collect this Fleeter later.

They didn't judge they're need to assimilate on an individual basis.

Jorvin and the Marines followed the fleety towards the other survivors of the attack. They had their knives and other blades out since the Borg had adapted.

The faces in the crowded sickbay turned to welcome those that had followed Annabella, they were a picture of delight, relief and joy. Having been hiding many had felt they were the only survivors left so seeing strange faces that were not Borg was a blissful sight.
Some of the more elders persons felt a tear spring to their at the arrival of the Marine force that began to fill the packed room which had become a place of refuge when the enemy forces arrived.

Shiela didn't like this at all. She was stressed out, tired, warm and felt the need for an old fashioned shower and a sonic shower after that. But, being well trained in Martial Arts and Yoga, Shiela kept her emotions under control. Shiela wasn't in the mood to chat with anyone at the moment. All she wanted to do was calm herself down. Then, Shiela focused her attention on more survivors and the Marine force entering. That did bring some comfort and relief to her. Even though she was well trained in Marine Tactics, her main specialty was Diplomacy. She realized that one could not be diplomatic in front of the Borg. Shiela was just in survivor mode now until the bloody beasts were destroyed. Shiela did find comfort knowing that the Marine presence was here. She didn't know how much more she could take at this moment.

As they walked in Jorvin began assigning Marines to guard the doors until an escape plan could be made.

Logan returned back to Annabella's side wearing a strained grin. "That was fast work Bella, but what's the next step?"

Watching the squad of marines take their orders from their commander Annabella was quiet for a moment choosing her words carefully. "I can sense movement from below and their not ours or at least not anymore," her tone was dark along with her eyes that in the half light watered with fearful tears.


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