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Medical support

Posted on Wed Nov 25th, 2015 @ 6:35am by Ensign Tem Par & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Medical

Tem Par was a Psychologist. He had studied on Vulcan initially but spent much of his practicing years at specialist rehabilitation units around the Federation. Many people were initially opposed to a Vulcan counselor, but he soon managed to persuade them of his abilities.

Now it was time to remind the medical staff of DS12 of his abilities. When the alert came he had moved quickly to the main infirmary in search of the CMO.

"Hello Ensign," Soraya said. "What brings you to Sickbay?"

"Commander," Temp said, once he had laid eyes on the woman. "I wonder if I can lend my assistance at this time, since I don't have an official Alert post. I have extensive field medicine training as well as my other professional skills. At the very least, I could act as an Orderly for the more infirm, should it be required."

The doctor smiled at the young Vulcan. "Yes, we would like your help. Do you have experience with human child psychology?"

"Extensive," Par replied simply. "I am sorry, that may have sounded arrogant, but I have three doctorates in psychology and one is in Chid Development. How will that be most beneficial to you?"

"We're almost at Gaspar, and I have preliminary casualty reports. We will need to assemble medical teams and I would like for you to accompany the Pediatric Team."

Tem nodded, "Dealing with children in a crisis can be emotionally demanding. You want to be sure you will have someone int he role who will not be affected by this. A logical choice. How many in my team, and what is their make up and experience, please? Who is commanding the group?"

"Doctor DeMauro is our lead pediatrician," Soraya began, picking up a padd. She flipped through a few screens and handed it to the Ensign. "She is putting her team together now, and we thought a child psychiatrist would be crucial for the very young in triage. She is in her office now, I'll message her and let her know you're on her team."

"Thank you doctor," taking the PADD and glancing at it. "I am familiar with Dr DeMauro's work. I will report there immediately."


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