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Same old stuff

Posted on Sun Dec 6th, 2015 @ 10:56pm by Lieutenant Thomas Stills & Stella Moon

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Promenade DS12

Lt Tom Stills looked at the boxes all piled up against the side of the shop. He remembered its last occupant wrapping each item carefully before placing them away in storage. It was all new age stuff and mumbo jumbo, some of it Tom couldn't even recognise. It should all be in one piece and there was no sign of space mice droppings. The place was a little dusty and had that unused look about it but he was glad someone had decided to take it on.

Tom checked over the power relays. They had had some difficulty with them in the past but they seemed to be working fine now. He checked the lights, a few of the bulbs had blown but they could be replaced. He noted that down on his PADD and went about taking the dust cover off the furniture. It just needs a bit of spit and polish that's all and it would soon be ready.

It was in a prime location and had been a bit of an eyesore looking dark and dull when the others were bright and eye catching. The previous owner had decided to sell when she fell in love with a talented musician/composer who wasn't short of a bob or two as his great grandmother used to say. They were probably lounging somewhere on a beach somewhere enjoying themselves.

Tom looked at his PADD again. Stella Rainbow Moon was due in on the next shuttle in an hours time. Plenty of time to get a cleaning crew in and make the shop look as attractive as it could possibly be.

Tom waved at the other shop keepers and told them of the new owner that was taking over the pitch. They said they would make her feel welcome when she arrived and asked a lot of questions about her but he didn't know much only that she was young and happy to make a go of things.

Deep Space 12 was getting closer all the time now and Stella's nerves were on edge. She wondered if she had made the right decision taking over a business that she knew very little of. She was playing a mind game in her head, and it was win or loose depending on which way the coin flipped. She told herself that she had no choice and for now this was the only way out of things. Her old self had gone and in its place was someone new, she had to try and be this new person with her new identity and purpose. A new life awaited her she had to be this new person her friend had told her that so many times. Drummed it into her time and time again.

Much closer this time, Stella had uploaded so many books on new age stuff. It would take her months to get through them. Some of it was sinking in but it wasn't going to be easy for her. She decided to call her shop Metamorphosis, to transform into something else. She thought it very apt considering she herself was going through the same process.

Her friend had suggested very different clothes to what she would normally wear. This Bohemian style if clothes seemed to suit her very well indeed, there was no set idea with it, it was loose long and flowing right for the type of shop she was going to own.

The shuttle finally docked with the station with barely a sound and soon passengers were disembarking and making their way out of the airlock. Stella slung her bag over her shoulder and stood still for a few moments feeling unsure where to go next. It didn't look as if there was a tourist information center anywhere around here.She started walking towards a bar, a few minutes walk away. That was as good a place as any to start.

She hadn't gone far when she heard her name being called. Turning around she saw a young Lt approaching and looking directly at her.

"Stella Moon?" he asked holding out a hand in greeting "I'm Lt Tom Stills, Chief Operations. I'll take you to your shop, it's down this way, around the corner."

Close to the airlock and on a good location, her shop nestled nicely between two others. Tom Stills went on to explain about the furniture, fittings and square footage. Full power had been restored to this shop some time ago so she shouldn't have any problems with that. Her neighbours were nice and friendly and the shop was double fronted do there was a generous amount of display space.

"Most of your stock is here, there's a small kitchen area at the back." he explained as he switched the lights on "There is also a lock up storage area containing more items. If you let me know I'll arrange for them to be sent up to you."

She nodded and thanked him for his help but Tom couldn't help but notice that Stella seemed overwhelmed by it all. She looked around trying to visualise how it would look when it was all set up.

"Quarters are on the habitat ring. If you would like to sign here on the PADD for your access codes and then I'll show you where your quarters are."

She signed away and Tom thought she looked disappointed with the shop or that something else was bothering her. "It's a nice shop," he said "I'm sure that when you have had a chance to settle in and set it up it will look great."

She smiled slightly and thought if only he knew what she was really thinking and how desperate she had been to get away to a place where know one knew her at all.


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