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The Snitch - Following up

Posted on Sun Dec 20th, 2015 @ 2:55am by Sub-Commander Valk'o & Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Mission: Moving in
Location: Dignitary's Quarters

M.G. was looking forward to this whole Lax business. The guy was a bastard, the situation too bloody and the whole business felt dubious overall. The course he and Wolf were on was the right one, even if they were riding close to the edge.

With a sigh, he tapped the control to reopen the link to their unknown ally within the Romulan camp. They still had 12 hours to go in the deadline and he wasn't going to be told he couldn't play nice by some prude from the Fleet side of the isle (he kept to himself that he'd Federation to put Fleet and the Marines under a tighter unified command structure from the old model).

Valk'o opened her encrypted, distorted channel. She knew that the General would be back in contact with her. "Hello General." came her heavily edited voice.

"Hello again. It looks like we may be able to accept the help you...suggested might be available. There is one matter I would like to ask be added to our agreement I would like to ask for your consideration on," the Federation Marine said a little gingerly.

Through the distorted image one could almost make out a raised eyebrow. "Proceed." said the disguised voice.

"The Ambassador...Well, it would be more than inconvenient if she were to pull anything remotely similar like she did before, if you catch my meaning," the marine said pointedly.

"Your meaning escapes me." Valk'o said with mock confusion.

MG smiled, taking a bit of a gamble by adding a bit of charm to it, "I've met few incapable members of the Romulan military or members of the diplomatic corps. Must I spell it out to someone so capable?"

"If you are suggesting what I think, The timing is not right." The figure shifted slightly to the left. "Believe me when I say, that is in my plan, and will be done when the time is right. "

There was a pause as the general realized the implications of the reply and said in amiable tones that didn't match his eyes, "I'd like to think you're aware of how the Federation does things, so keep in mind I am not suggesting anything drastic. Just distractions will do. Can I assume that is clear?"

"Distractions. I believe I'm a bit over qualified to be a distraction General." the voice snapped.

"I never said or even meant to imply that you weren't. If my statement came across as that it was not intentional. Obviously distraction was an unfortunate choice of wording and as an approach. I am sorry for that," he said sincerely before pausing thoughtfully.

"As a military action I would like to think that operational knowledge, in this case, should be limited to the military, don't you think? I mean it's not like the ambassador is unaware of the pirate issue....It could be that it be more important for her to learn of the end results rather than knowing about the actual finer details of how. Would you agree with that in this case," he asked with a shrewd tone that had just a bare hint of being tenuous.

Valk'o sighed. "I will see what can be done." She grew tired of dealing with Hevam. "I was hoping to tender a deal of my own." She said, a smile grew upon her face, even though the General could not see it.

"I'm open to suggestions," he replied looking shrewd enough to hide his pensiveness.

"The same deal you originally had with S'Ranya. Six ships, for which credit will be given to the Ambassador." He unseen smile grew larger.

"Well, the cat's out of the bag on that one as the Human saying goes. I'll pull out every stop to fulfill my end of the promise. Route id's to Colonel Bannister. He'll make sure to get the information to our other ships so no one gets trigger happy with the regards to the wrong people," Corrus said dryly.

"I will contact the ship's promptly and forward the details to the Colonel." Valk'o said with resolve.

"Good. One question: I do not anticipate any surprises before we get off the ground, how can I get a secure message to you if needed," Wolf asked.

Valk'o tapped some controls, and unscambled her image, "Contact me at the Embassy General, I believe subterfuge is beneath us now."she paused, "If we are to work together, there should be a mutual understanding."

Nodding slightly, MG said, "Agreed. I look forward to working with you further Sub-Commander."

"And you." Valk'o responded. "I will contact my ships momentarily. We will speak soon."


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