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New face in Science

Posted on Sat Dec 26th, 2015 @ 3:05am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Lieutenant Serge Maschnost

Mission: Moving in
Location: Chief Jrez's Quarters

Serge buzzed the door to Akina's quarters. While he waited for it to be answered he pulled at his sleeve, unconsciously.


As the door opened Serge dropped his sleeve and straightened up a bit.

"Good morning, Chief. I am finding you well?"

“Lieutenant...come in. A bit tired but...yes, I’m well. Thank you for asking.”

"There is a new member of the science team reporting today and, given the debacle of meeting with Lt Hume, I am taking the bull by the tail. I am going to be meeting with him instead of hiding in the hope he will be going away.

"I thought you might like to come as the longest standing science officer. I will be asking Lt Hume to join us as well, making it all official."

“If you really did want to ‘take the bull by the horns’ you’d do this by yourself.” Seeing Serge’s face fall he hastened to add, “But of course I will join you.”

In another place in space, Luke Whitmire was at ease, his eyes rolling. He observed everything around him, which comprised of crew quarters' doors and...basically nothing else. Luke was also on the lookout for the Chief Warrant Officer's quarter.

Recognizing the room, he silently moved to the front door, hesitant, before buzzed the door. His fingers were constantly twitching, as he can be nervous sometimes.

“Enter.” Jrez looked quizzically at Maschnost. “I assumed that we’d be meeting him in the Labs. I didn’t know you’d asked him here.”

Serge opened and closed his mouth a couple of times, "I... didn't. He is having initiative."

The door opened, and Whitmire stepped into the room, looking at people that he was sure, that he was informed were Chief Warrant Officer Jrez and Lieutenant Maschnost. "Greetings, you are Lieutenant Maschnost and Chief Warrant Officer Jrez? Pleasure to meet you all," he said, after saluting everyone.

Serge's eyes blinked in surprise a couple of times, before saying "Whitey?"

His face broke into a massive grin, "Whitey! I haven't seen you since Dimitri's graduation. I was having no idea it was you who was being assigned."

Serge turned to the bemused Jrez, "Chief, this is Luke Whitmire, he was a couple of years ahead of me in the Academy and knew my brother Dimitri."

Jrez held out a hand. “Pleased to meet you, Ensign. Welcome to the Science Department.”

Whitmire's eyes widened, and he successfully prevented his jaws from dropping. He knew Serge since they were both at the Academy, although he was a few years ahead of the guy. He knew the guy's older brother Dimitri as well. Serge graduated earlier than he originally did, since Luke had decided to stick around for a while. "Great to see you again, Serge." he said, his lips curled into a smile.

Serge seemed happier than Jrez had seen him when not discussing Temporal Mechanics.

"Whitey, this is Chief Jrez. Don't let the rank be fooling you, he does most of the running of Science. He is just keeping me around to attend all the staff meetings so he doesn't have to."

Jrez smiled. “Don’t you believe him for a moment. I’m a tinkerer. Serge knows more science already than I’ve learned in three lifetimes.”

It took "Whitey" a millionth of a second to comprehend his former "acquaintance's" saying, but then he abruptly ended their conversation. "Okay, so, shall we get to the first order of business?" he turned to Serge after looking at Chief Jrez.

"Of course," Serge agreed composing himself. "What field are you working in now?"

"Physics. Things related to forces, like a singularity." he said, looking at Serge. "You?"

"Brilliant! Another Astrophysicist. I am in Temporal Mechanics mostly, but I did put up a paper proposing the Maschnost limit. You are of course aware of the Event Horizon around a singularity, where the gravitational forces become to strong to allow anything to escape. There is a second theoretical limit affecting subspace, which travels at speeds in excess of C. Given a singularity has infinite mass, but Warp 10 is infinite velocity, there is a predictable curve of degradation of subspace, where we can plot the internal structure of a singularity by the interference pattern it make on a sub space broadcast, similar to how we detected exoplanets by the noticeable dip in a suns broadcast range and the change in interference pattern allowed us to determine the atmosphere around those planets. I have had some initial tests with automated, Warp Capable probes, but the time dilation and tidal forces prevent deep studies at this time, unless I can...."

Jrez was now very familiar with Serge when he was on a roll. The science began to stretch out of realms he understood. It was obvious that Luke followed for a while longer but by the time Serge had got to recursive time indexation it was obvious that both were now floundering in unfamiliar territory. Eventually Serge wound down.

"... Translateral bifurcated induction. Then it is simply a matter of Iposfactic resonance and we should have some results."

Serge looked at the politely blank faces of the two men he was facing and sighed inwardly.

"Truth be told, we are being pretty much left to our own devices on the station. There is being very little call on the sciences and this area of space is well studied and documented. If you are having a pet project you would like to be spending some time researching, this is a good opportunity to do so. We are having two Physics labs; you can have the first one with Ensign Ptolmey. Let the Chief or I know if there is anything else you are needing. And.. welcome to the team."


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