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Posted on Tue Jan 19th, 2016 @ 4:23am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Jillian Forst

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Meeting Room 2

Harrison looked around at those assembled in the room. He knew most of them but some were unfamiliar to him. Funny, he thought, how much things can change in just a few short months.

“Thank you for your attendance. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Captain Nelson Harrison. I am the commanding officer of Deep Space 12.

“The reason we are here today is to discuss the situation with the pirates and our response. I am aware that Colonel Bannister has put a great deal of time into planning for this so, with your permission, I will hand over to him.”

"Thank you sir. Mr. Nez, I've prepped a tactical rundown on the pirates as well as our recent experiences with them that I think you'll find relevant. The current situation is this," Wolf said before activating the screen with a sector map on it.

"The pirates operating in this sector are a vicious bunch. There have been a number if reports of acts of piracy punctuated by marked brutality. The reported locations are on the map. The last known attack was on a transport vessel. The only survivor was a young girl who either went unnoticed or was otherwise overlooked and managed to escape via escape pod. The crew was murdered and left where they died. Her parents are included in that group and, as I understand it, they were killed right in front of her She's been under the watchful eye Dr. Delrisa until we can find more long term arrangements."

The station XO and local Marshal paused to let that sink in. It also gave him the chance to school his emotions and keep his professional poker face before he went on, "We have gotten reliable information that their leader, a 'Commodore' Rendo're, is located within this region. Once we get a confirmed location, Deputy Forst and I will take the Steadfast for a snatch and grab operation. More ships and personnel may be added depending on what information Starfleet Intel and other sources yield."

"Captain..." Wolf said, nodding to Captain Harrison.

Harrison stood, the better to address the meeting. “I have invited Lieutenant Svardberg as well because security on the station will be paramount, both before the strikes are launched and after they have struck home. I am concerned that the pirates will launch a retaliatory attack while the bulk of our forces are still off-base. If so, she will need to have the resources in place to meet such an attack. Lieutenant?”

Tori nodded and took a deep breath. "During the Dominion War, Deep Space 9 proved that Nor class stations are formidable and sturdy, but in no way enough to withstand a prolonged or heavily numbered attack. Pirates are also prone to playing dirty with propaganda. Both the external safety of the station, and internal will be at high risk. I recommend a moderate approach, tightened screening upon entrance, beef up plain clothes personnel and surveillance measures. Try not to alert the public of danger. With a full hardline contingency plan if something happens. Lock down the station, 1800 curfew and the whole shebang."

“Thank you, Lieutenant. That is the preliminaries out of the way. Now we need to plan in detail. I will hand over to Lieutenant Ingandi who will update us on the latest Intelligence.”

A Denobulan rose and cleared her throat lightly. “Little is known of Commodore Rendo’re other than what has been revealed in his propaganda. We do know, however, that he shifts his base of operations on a frequent, but not regular, basis. Originally he was based near the Valoris Nebula but he has been moving progressively closer to Cardassian space. It is thought that two factors have prompted this shift. One is the establishment of the Roosevelt Station near Lagash: that has given Starfleet an increased presence in the area. We are better situated to patrol trade routes and to mount raids on pirate bases. The other is that the humanitarian aid still being shipped to outlying Cardassian planets makes for easy pickings and the booty is readily saleable on the black market.”

A quick click on a remote control brought up a hologram of space near the junction of Federation, Cardassian and Breen space.

“The most recent reports place him on Andusar.” She rotated the hologram until it showed the right perspective. “As you can see,” she continued, “Andusar is within Cardassian space so we would need a very good reason to mount an expedition crossing the DMZ and then entering sovereign territory.”

She paused so that that could be digested before continuing.

“The attack of Gaspar, and the still unsolved attack on Quantal Prime, offers a justifiable excuse for conducting a major offensive on pirate bases within Federation space. I suggest two bases: one is located on Pirimoor and the other on Ma’adin.” The hologram faded to be replaced by one showing space further along the Cardassian frontier. “Both are located within the DMZ and both are known hotspots. Furthermore, initial reports from the new monitoring net which we were involved in laying suggest they accommodate traffic disproportionate to their location in space. Launching a raid on either, or both, would be entirely justifiable in view of losses suffered by transports in the region. Intelligence reports show they are well defended with both planet based and orbital systems. However, neither are beyond our capacity.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant,” Harrison said. “People, I think we have our targets for a diversionary raid. Do we have the capacity to mount a raid on both or should we be looking at just one base? If the latter, which one?”

Captain William Plank, the Marine Transport Officer, rose. “Sir, the Capricorn would be my choice to lead such a mission. It is armed with photon and quantum torpedos and can carry tricobalt ones as well. We would, however, have to load those. Those, with its phaser arrays would deal with most planetary defences. It is also suited to transporting the bulk of the ground forces required. I would recommend the Garrett if we decide to go for both targets. It has recently been refitted to add more aft torpedo banks as well as upgrading its phasers and shields. I would send the Wakizashi with it to provide sufficient punch to take on a decent planetary defence. The Honshu would accompany them as the transport vehicle. I recommend we use the Tolstoy to transport the fighter wing.”

"I can recommend at least one experienced pilot and tactical officer to help coordinate things if needed," Wolf chimed in.

“Thank you, Colonel. Give me the details after the meeting concludes. The Heracles is currently on patrol in the area,” Harrison continued. “We could rendezvous with it to add to our strength. That way, its presence would not be suspected until the last moment.”

Harrison looked towards his Chief Security Officer. “That only leaves us the Hee-Tay-Con protecting Deep Space 12. Will that be sufficient, Lieutenant?”

"While not ideal, the Hee-Tay-Con is sufficient."

“I recommend we keep the ground forces small,” Harrison said. “Anti-Federation propaganda is bad enough already, we don’t want to add fuel to the fire by sending in a full on assault team. Ensign Nez, this is where you come in. Your platoon will be part of the main force.

"Captain, I have something to add about available forces, if I may...." Wolf said.

“Go ahead, Number One.”

"Glin Meret offered the services of a warship and a information gathering scout ship to assist as it concerns their interests. Additionally Haqtaj Matlh was kind enough to offer the assistance of KDF vessels loyal to her house to assist as well. I will be needing a couple for my and Jillian's aspect of the mission, however that still leaves a few to assist elsewhere," Wolf said with a bit of a smile.

He sobered a bit as he wrapped up, "The Romulan situation was interesting. However military elements in the Romulan staff on station offered an additional 6 ships to assist which would help to an overwhelming force if needed. The deal was brokered by General Corrus in fact and he's got the direct contact information to help arrange things on that front. I must ask that we keep this information in this room however due to the circumstances."

Jill raised her hand in the back. "This sounds well and good, and if I'm getting this correct this is going to be a show of force primarily. From my experience, whenever the law has come in and put the boot down as it were to squish the roaches, you get a few on your boot, but the majority of them run off and hide and wait till the light is turned back off again to come out. I mean, if we get Lax, and squish the pirates we may just be making room for the next deranged lunatic to come in and take over. The Federation still is suffering from an image problem thanks to those pirates."

Wolf smiled and fixed Jillian with a slight grin, "Why deputy....Ye of little faith. To reply to your concerns in order: Firstly, I have talked to Starfleet Security about the same concern about the first problem. They've assured me that they've got assets they intend to tap with that in mind. Details are forthcoming there."

"So far as the image issues, I have asked Mr. Vartog to begin work on anti-propaganda work at the behest of our Klingon ambassador. She aptly pointed out his background makes him virtually ideal for the job. This will eventually be passed along to others by Starfleet but we can't afford to hemorrhage diplomatically in this sector considering the recent past. Of course his regular duties shouldn't be neglected overmuch. I have been working on a roster of others that are qualified to help insure that but I suspect he'll be leading the charge," the Lt. Colonel said.

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