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Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.
Location: Jeffery tubes
Timeline: During 'Party of 4'

Slowly Henk began to crawl toward the closed hatch. On his guard he opened the hatch and crawled through into the next compartment. He looked around and saw nothing.
"I'm must be hearing things." He said mostly to himself.

"The dark will do that to you, after a while," Mason said darkly coming up behind him.

"You'd think I'd be use to that by now" Henk said with a smile.
Henk leaned against a wall and took off his shirt mirroring what she had done previously. He held it in his hand noticing for the first time how much he had been sweating.
Out of his corner of his eye he looked at Mason. It was now or never, he also might regret it.
"So, are you seeing anyone?" Henk asked normally.

Of all the things she could have imagined Henk asking that certainly wasn't one of them. Fortunately it was dark, it masked her mixture of shock which faded into an uncharacteristic blush. Pressing her face into the darkest corner to ensure she wouldn't be seen she gave the hatch a look over.
"I haven't the time to think about that sort of thing..." she answered offhandedly wriggling into the next compartment.

With a smile Henk crawled behind her as if sensing her uncertainty.

Jeffery tubes always looked the same, and in a station of this size they were a maze. Crawling far enough to reach the junction Mason paused sitting upon her heels listening.
Nothing stirred save for Henk who had crept up behind her.
"There's nothing," she said turning. Surprised that Henk was sitting so closely to her she inevitably clapped his cheek with the end of her extended rifle sending him sprawling to the deck with a clatter and some choice words.

"Sorry," she muttered laying down her weapon and help pull him upright again kneeling incredibly close to his bruised face. "Are you alright?"

"I'm now." Henk said bravely making the move and pulled Mason closer into a deep a hungry kiss wrapping his arms around her.

Straight away her entire body turned rigid. Any other woman would have melted for his kiss wasn't unpleasant just very, very unexpected.
Relationships, romance, families were thinks that never made a serious impact on Mason's mind but that all stemmed from her childhood where she spent years savaging for food and avoiding the gangs that delighted toying with young women and girls. She had learned to escape them but that was only after trail and error... twice they caught and abused her. Far too many times for her liking.

This shared moment in the darkness bought all that pent up anger, fear and hurt back to the surface and she moved without thought.

With a swift jerk of her neck she head butted his face to break the contact then followed with sharp punch that made a solid contact.

Henk hands jerked toward his face muffling his cry of surprise, frustration and pain. Slowly his hands lowed, his eyes filled with fire.
"What the..!?" Was the only thing that came from his mouth to begin with, then he found his way and began to loose his fury.
"You.. what were you thinking? No wonder nobody likes you, everybody makes fun of you, and that you never have, and shall never have friends!" He bellowed pushing her back wards. " I tried to be gentle with you, respect you and this is how you repay me! When I show you my true feelings you hit me!"

"Be lucky I didn't break anything," Mason hissed dangerously struggling to keep a grip on her composure. His words stung her but she refused to let her facade crack, she couldn't afford to fall to pieces. Lives were in the balance.
"You know nothing about me, so don't pretend you do!" she backed up scooping up the fallen rifle with a look of menace.
"I'm going to return to Jenkins I would recommend you so do too."

Henk grabbed her arm violently.
"No we stay here. I'm not down with you yet." Henk said full of anger still. "No I don't know you, you never given me the chance. You're afraid of being hurt again, you 're afraid to let people in or see that you are weak," he held her firmly even when she tried to break away from him.
"Well I have a newsflash for you. The more you turn yourself in an bitch, the more you push people away the you're miss out a lot of chances for friendship or more. If you want to be a bitch, that's fine with me. But if you do, never talk with me again." He pushed her aside, finally his furry spent.

With her eyes wide Mason was speechless too shocked to make a come back. Then she made her move using the length of her weapon she thrust forward pinning Henk against the tube pressing against his throat returning the same fury she had received. She didn't care anymore about the repercussions of her actions, if Beverly wanted to discipline her so what. Right now all she wanted to do was make him understand life wasn't just black and white even to her.

"Don't you dare talk to me like that," she thundered leaning over his body pining the rifle in place across his throat. "You want to know why I'm so cold, huh, do you?" She leaned over him dropping her tone, "Try living on your own for as long as you can remember in the most hostile planet going with no food, shelter or protection, where everyday is a battle to stay alive. Add to that those who believed they had power, who could have what they want and when." The pressure against his throat was still heavy but her voice was losing its power as she unfolded the tale no one knew, not even Beverly.
"Imagine your ten years old, orphan living on the streets with not a single person who cares for you... how about fifteen and your pinned down like this naked, scared to death, being raped by an entire gang of hungry, cruel sick men... then left to burden what followed..." Her voice was trembling, as where her hands.

Finally unable to keep the dark memories at bay or the tears of the young life she abandoned she fell back against the opposite side into tears of bitterness and anguish she had bottled up for an age.

Rubbing the redness at his neck Henk slowly moved toward her and knelt at her side. Then with both hands he pulled her toward him wrapping his arms around her trying to comfort her and give her a feeling of safety as she wept.
"It's OK. You are gone from that place." Henk whispered cradling her. "You can build you own life now. There are people around you that care for you."

She clung to him as her body heaved with great sobs. She may be gone from there as Henk said but the memories would never fade, the hurt never stopping.

"I will keep you save." Henk said reassuring her. "Nobody will touch you again if you don't want that. I promise you that."

Sniffing she lifted her face from his chest and wiped her eyes with shaking fingers. "I...I," she tried to start but failed to find the words she wanted. The normal burning in her heart and eyes was gone, extinguished by her tears stripping away the amour she wore relieving the woman beneath.
"Thank you," she managed to say after a pause.

"That's fine." Henk said with a weak smile. "That's what friends are for. Only I had to be hit before you could pour your heart. I have to say, you hit quite hard."

Despite the tears still glistening on her face she chuckled a little. "Comes with the territory. Security is most run by men, so I have to prove my worth in their world. If it means anything my fist really aches now."
She flexed her fingers lifting her gaze up at his swelling cheek. "I'm sorry I hit you. I don't know what I was thiking... I was back there...reliving it," she shivered. "But please promise me something? Don't tell anyone, just keep it a secret OK?"

"Your story, or what we did here?" Henk said with a smile. "Because the first thing I can remember is a fist hitting me right at the moment I kissed you."

Krissy hung her head, "Yeah like I said I'm sorry I did that. I'm flattered that you like me in that way. I think I tend to ward off most of the men because I don't have a heart, or so they say. I think I surprise them when I bleed, like a reminder I'm human."
She sighed looking down at her fingers again with though.
Henk didn't deserve this from her, he was sweet and kind, and all she done to him was accuse him of murder and beat him.
She felt guilty.

With the shrug of her shoulders she straightened and pressed a quick kiss on his lips. "Come on," she said pulling away. "We've got a station to restore power to and Borg to eradicate, remember? This we can save for later."

Quickly he grabbed Kristina's arm. He looked her in the eye.
"Does this mean we are together, or is this how you say thank you? " Henk asked. "I just want to know, so that I know where we stand."

Stopping again she turned biting her lip. "I don't know," she said gently. "For now let's just be friends, alright?"

"For now I'm OK with that." Henk said. As he dived into the Jeffery tube. He made is way back to Jenkins and Jasmine on his way back he picked up his shirt.

She let him pass without another word. She shook her head wondering what exactly happened, normally she was able to keep it all wrapped up nice and tight, locked away deep deep down. But Henk had manged to unearth it without too many difficulties. This had been the second time he had manged to tip her off balance she recalled. Why was it that easy? Was she that easy to read?
Gathering up her fallen belongings she collected her thoughts and followed Henk back toward the others closing the hatch way behind her locking her secrets away again.


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