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Home is Where the Heart Is

Posted on Sun Jan 3rd, 2016 @ 5:38pm by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa
Edited on on Sun Jan 3rd, 2016 @ 5:52pm

Mission: Trouble on the frontier

The planning session for the Gaspar probe, likely assault / rescue operation to follow as well as the snatch and grab part of the operation were going to leave a lot of people very busy. The fact that his part of the operation diverted him and Jill from the most of the rest of the senior staff was also not lost on him.

He made a point to check schedules, part of which was his duty as XO, and, as a side note, the location of Dr. Delrisa. She was currently in one of her few breaks in their sweet with the girls. All 3 were in the main living area.

Most of the plans were in order and most was in the ready or at least was not critical at the moment so he b-lined it for the suite. Nodding to the guards he and Lt. Svardberg had arranged, he went in. He paused, a warm grin spreading on his face, as he took in the scene.

Daisy the Targ ran into the living room wearing one of Annabella's dresses and a large bonnet, with said four-year right behind her.

"Come back to the tea party!" the girl called, laughing. Soraya was on the couch, with Nero the miniature dachshund on her lap having his belly rubbed.

Wolf's left eyebrow quirked a bit but less so than the corner of his mouth. A targ in a dress.....Of the things he'd expected to see today that was one of the things farthest from that list.

"I hope I've not missed all the fun," the marshal said with warmth and a touch of dry humor in his voice.

Soraya looked up from her padd as Daisy stopped by the coffee table and turned, her bottom wriggling happily as Annabella caught up to her.

"We laid that out for you to wear to class tomorrow, Anna," the doctor said slowly. The child had a hold on the targ's nose and was walking her back to her room.

"But she wanted to look pretty for my tea party...." Anna explained as the pair disappeared back into her room.

Soraya shook her head in amazement as they left. She looked at Wolf as he entered the room and smiled. "What creature are you chasing now?" she asked with a laugh.

"Creature? Monster might be more appropriate. The nice thing is that this one is being taken more seriously. The distress calls, ghost ships, disrupted space lanes...." Wolf said his voice trailing off not really having the heart to go into more detail.

Her smile vanished. "The pirate?"

"Most of the destabilization in this and the neighboring sectors are due to this guy's operation. The Gaspar situation seems...not outside his M.O. I...don't think he'll be getting away this time. Point in fact, I think there's a good plan in place to have him and his lieutenants serving 25 to life in rehab before too much longer," he said thoughtfully

"You're going to capture him," she said, a statement more than a question.

"That's the plan. I will not allow him to hurt or murder anyone else. No more orphaned little girls. No more threats to those I care about. I have some of the best people going with me...Federation and Klingon. There's too much at stake for me not to. After that...." Wolf said, conviction strong in his voice until the very end where it trailed off for a moment as his hand came to and touched his marshal's badge.

His eyes came back up to meet Soraya's and said, "After this I am thinking about resigning as marshal to focus on being the best Executive Officer I can. I'd like to be able to be with you more often rather than missing out rushing off on some crusade or another. I love you and Annabella very much and I'd like to miss out as little as I need to."

"That is a big decision.... you'll miss being a marshal," she said.

Wolf slowly nodded, "It is big and a very tough one. It's been something that started being this minor annoyance in the back of my mind but it's grown into a pretty big internal discussion."

With a almost a tired look, he wandered over and sat next to Soraya on the non-Nero side as an attempt to not disturb the little dog. After a moment he said, "There are aspects that I will miss. As the station population grows and traffic gets more stable, my position as XO is going to be more demanding. In that likelihood there are times that my position as marshal will conflict with it."

Turning his gaze to warmly and thoughtfully study Soraya's face Wolf said, "As for the mysteries and challenges....Well, honestly I've had a number of serious relationships. None have compared to us though. Scampering off station less often would give me....and us....a better chance to see where this all goes."

"I know its a strain, just... don't rush it. I'm not going anywhere," she said, her smile returning.

Wolf stepped a little closer, a slight sparkle in his eyes, "That may well be the best incentive to come home safe that I have ever heard."


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