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Warm surprise

Posted on Sun Dec 27th, 2015 @ 10:24am by Commodore Lax Rendo're XVIII

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Gaspar - City Center Ruins

Braddock wiped her brow, even though it was night, the heat and smoldering ruins around her made it miserable. The full pack of gear and weapons on her back wasn't helping. They had been on the move for most of the day; the other three sites around the city had been picked to potentially cause the most casualties if they had been stumbled upon. Now, she spotted one last area that would work well for an ambush.

The five raiders, moved quickly across the street, although they had barely seen anyone on the run over, they were still careful to not draw attention. They jumped through a gaping hole into the burned out ruins of what used to be a small apartment block. The once grand facade had crumbled during the attack, exposing the structure of the building. They had to time their movements carefully, Lax had planned the drop shipments just long enough for a courier ship to drop out of warp, beam the cargo, and then warp out.

"This is Team Echo Two, we are go for drop." The squad leader called out on her comm as the remainder of the team placed the targeting beacon.

"Confirmed Team Two, we are coming hot" The voice squawked back

One Hundred and Fifty Miles over head a small transport dropped out of warp, and then disappeared back into the void.

In front of the team, several large crates appeared, all bearing Federation logos and relief aid. The team got to work setting up the area, blankets, laterns, food rations, medical supplies, all laid out in an inviting manner. On the wall, the female Cardassian of the group hung a banner proclaiming "Federation Relief Station".

"Boss, what if some kid finds this stuff?" A gruff, tall looking human walked over to the diminutive female.

"It will be tragic, and sad." She paused for a moment. "And maybe it will get the fleeters out of here and back home sooner. I've had enough of the Federation and their nonsense. The quicker they are gone, the better." Shelly took her helmet off and sat it next to her. "Look, I don't like working with Lax any more than you all do, but, at least he is a native. Who the hell do these people think they are? Just because some treaty puts our space into their jurisdiction, doesn't give them the rights to come in and put their boots on their necks. Look what they did to the Marquis... Look what they've done to every group that has ever stood in there way? Annihilation.... they've been in charge of this sector how long? And now look.. look around you." She motioned to the rubble and sighed. The rest of the squad looked at her. A few of them nodded, the grunt who had spoken up sighed as well.

"You're right." He sat down a box that said medical supplies. "I just don't want to be here when a little kid walks into this place and gets blown to bits. I'm ok with killing some off worlders, just not kids."

"Well, let's just hope the Fleeters find it first, then they can get sent home with some pretty flags draped on their coffins. Alright, gang. It's almost day light. Let's take up position in..." She looked down and across the street at an abandoned church. "There, it's got a bell tower for observation and looks reasonably secure. We'll camp there and set up watch shifts. As soon as we get in, deploy the scan suppressors, I don't want anyone knowing that we are here. We should have clear line of sight on our target, hopefully we catch some mice in our trap. Gear up and move out."

The small band grabbed their weapons and gear and moved across the street. The morning sun had just begun to peek above the horizon down one of the streets. Shelly turned, hit the arm button on the trap, and put her helmet back on. She moved swiftly to meet back up with the group and the church.



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