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Finding the team

Posted on Sun Jan 31st, 2016 @ 5:25pm by Lieutenant Thomas Stills & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Mission: Trouble on the frontier

After finishing up in ops and making sure that the duty rota was up to date and everyone knew what jobs had to be done,Tom contacted Medical.

=^= Lt Stills to Dr Delrisa.=^=

"Delrisa here."

"I was wondering if we could meet up Commander?" asked Tom "The Captain has asked us to put a team together to go to Gasper."

"Yes, we'll need a first responder unit. The conference room in Medical is available in an hour, we can meet there. I'll have a medical first responder team meet us there as well. Does that time work for you?"

"Sounds fine to me." Tom replied "Will meet you there."

An hour later the group had assembled in the conference room. Doctor Delrisa watched as the last person took her seat.

"Captain Harrison has asked Lieutenant Thomas Stills and I to set up a team to go to Gaspar. Lieutenant, may I introduce Doctor Morrissey, Internal Medicine, Doctor Campbell, Pediatrics, Doctor Chandra, Infectious Diseases." Each doctor nodded to the Lieutenant, then Soraya introduced the nurses and medics.

"I believe we will meet with Security before leaving for the planet. Lieutenant Stills, the floor is yours," Soraya said.

Somewhat taken aback Tom was unsure what to say next he was used to dealing with his team in op's but this was a little different. He told himself to stop thinking and just get on with it.

"Right," Tom began " As you know there has been an attack on the colony on Gasper. It's about 12 light years from here and as of yet we are not sure of the casualties but we have been told to expect the worse. We'll need between 50 - 100 tonnes of relief material including tents, food, blankets and water plus your medical equipment as well. There will be emergency tents for you to use as E.R's. but you'll also need field medics as well. I suggest that the station counselor will also need a team to bring along."

Soraya jotted down notes as the Lieutenant spoke. "Yes, a counseling team will accompany us, we can set up a quiet area for counseling away from triage. Morrissey and Campbell can set up surgery and ICU, medics and nursing staff on triage, Doctor Chandra will head up quarantine?"

"Yes Soraya, and many of these peoples will be hungry," Doctor Chandra said in his soft accent.

"Lieutenant Stills, will you work with me to set up a general shelter? That way families can gather with their community leaders, and we can feed them there as well," the CMO asked.

"Yes Sir," Tom answered "If you let me know what you want I'll get it from the Quartermaster. Have you thought about what kind of transport we might need? We'll have an awful lot of supplies and equipment so we won't want anything too small."

"Are there any ships in dock that we can use? Otherwise we'll need to use runabouts, and they'll need to return for fresh supplies. We'll need to know if the local leaders and the Federation intend to evacuate."

Lt Stills looked at his PADD and after a few moments looked up. "USS Tolstoy, heavy class carrier. We can take a small contingent of fighters in case we run into trouble and as many casi-vac shuttles as we can squeeze in."

"My team can be ready to board in five hours, Lieutenant. We should meet with the Captain and Security to finalize our plans, and we'll need to contact the captain of the Tolstoy as well. I don't know about you but I could do with some more coffee," Soraya said.


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