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Pen Pals

Posted on Tue Dec 29th, 2015 @ 3:11am by Consul Jaron

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Romulan Embassy
Timeline: Current

S'Ranya sat in her office, pouring over Diplomatic reports from the various assets of the Empire. It seemed odd to her that she had yet to see any news from Deep Space 14, a former Romulan station now under Federation control. Her young cousin had taken the posting on behalf of the House of Mirok. Although Loras was mature for a Romulan of such a young age, she feared the post would present more issues than her family anticipated.

Her mind drifted from the reports to her cousin, just as Jaron entered the office. He carried a small PADD. "Letter for you Your Serenity."He extended the PADD to her with a thin sinuous hand.

"From whom?" The Ambassador asked, snatching it from him.

"For your eyes only ma'am." Jaron offered a shallow bow and backed from the room.

Activating the PADD, S'Ranya read with enthusiasm.


We will have time to exchange pleasantries when my HoloCommunicator is installed, until then I will keep to my points.

I recieved a visit from that Klivam Haqtaj. She interupted me in a rather awkward position. I thought i had heard she was aboard your station. You really must keep your pets on shorter leashes. Someone may assume they are a stray and euthanize them.

I feel I have so much to share with you. It has been far to long since we last spoke. I fear the situation with the Xanthian's is far worse than we feared, I'm not certain how effective our influence will be here.

Grandmother told me, before I departed Mhiessan, that she feared father was acting too frivolously to continue our charade. I hope that, for once, Grandmother is mistaken.

I will make contact once my Holo is up and running.



Setting the PADD aside, S'Ranya's thoughts stayed with Loras. She knew deep down he was in far over his head, as was the entire family. Still, only time can truly tell.


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