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A nightmare returns

Posted on Thu Jan 7th, 2016 @ 5:44am by Brigadier General Morrilus Corrus
Edited on on Thu Jan 7th, 2016 @ 7:02am

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: VIP quarters

Brigadier General Morrilus G. Corrus dreamed. He walked out of shadow and darkness onto a Romanesque street where people hurried about.

Human, Romulan, Reman and others. Civilians of many types, Romulan military, Starfleet were the easily recognizable people in view. A redheaded woman in sciences teal turned and smiled at him warmly.

A familiar presence touched his mind. He felt low levels of stress and a sense of loss from the recent destruction of the Majestic but overwhelming love...directed at him.

The woman, a lieutenant commander, turned to face him as he approached. Something felt a little off in the back of his mind. He shook it off, just being relieved that everyone had survived the destruction of their ship. He shouldn't give up all hope of another command he realized. He'd risen to chief of staff of an entire task force....That also had to count for something.

The sense of wrongness suddenly flashed from barely noticeable to urgent. He looked around to see the redhead sway slightly.

The next moment she was in his arms, eyes rather lidded and unfocused. He could feel her getting weaker and her serenity despite it. "Adriana....." he whispered.

Her mind touched his as she whispered, "Try to move on, Imzadi. I love you."

Corrus felt his mind flood with memories of them. Their meeting...Their attraction and connection despite other loves...Falling in love after. The joy of making love, the comfort of an embrace, the utter trust.

"I love you, my imzadi....Always," he barely managed to say.

They each felt the love of the other...and she got farther and farther away. He felt the second woman he ever truly loved die in the realest sense. The constant warmth of her touch was gone from his mind.


In the darkness, General MG Corrus shot up to sit bolt upright unleashing a ear ringing scream of anguish, of deep pain, of loss, of anger. It wasn't the first time. It likely wasn't the last.

Lt. Commander Adriana Isis, Head Councelor, USS Majestic NCC-79835 had been his second fiance. A freak accident created a psychic link that was strong for two Betazoids let alone a Betazoid and a mere human. He lost her the same day he proposed....The same day the Majestic died due to sabotage Reman radicals. The same poisoned Adriana.

His first was a nurse on the USS Tolstoy. She died at Wolf 359. She was the reason he was always so gung ho and hellbent during the Dominion War....Why he refused decorations and promotions during the war.

Closing his eyes, Corrus controlled his breathing and managed to slowly clear his mind as well as slow his heart rate. He threw off the sheets and stood, saying, "Computer...Lights to 1/3."

As he walked over to the replicator slot, he realized he was drenched in sweat. Also not a first. He ordered a cool glass of water, draining it after it materialized then recycling the glass. He'd avoided talking to councelors due to them reminding him of her. He dismissed the idea of seeing one now out of hand.

He checked the ship time which was 0311 hours. With a resigned sigh he went back to bed, moving to the non-sweat soaked side of the bed. He pulled the sheets up to his shoulders, rolled onto his side and said, "Lights."

The room went dark. The lone resident didn't stay awake past 0318 hours. His unremembered dreams unturbulent for the remainder of the night.


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