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The Snitch-Covert Dealings

Posted on Wed Jan 27th, 2016 @ 7:34am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Sub-Commander Valk'o

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Romulan Embassy

Valk'o opened an encypted channel to Colonel Bannister. Her subterfuge over, she did not bother to disguise her appearance.

"Colonel, I told General Corrus I would contact you when all arrangements were made with my ships."

With a nod, Wolf faced the main screen in his office and said, "Good. I appreciate the promptness of the arrangement and your contact. It's one thing less that I can worry less about. I don't suppose I can get an idea of what ship classes we're looking at? I can provide you with IFF signals that we're providing to the combined squadron we're sending in so your ships are recognized as friends....But details would help the planning however."

Double checking a nearby PADD, Valk'o pursed her lips."We have one D'deridex Class Warbird and five Valdore Class Warbirds. " She tilted her head. "I trust that will be sufficient assistance.?" She asked.

"Yeah, I think that will more than do the trick. If the pirates are too stupid to be intimidated between them and the rest of the armada they deserve to have their arses shot out from under them. Then again, we're likely going to try to beam as many off the ships we can before we blow the ships up. I've seen a lot of the rehab colonies. They're not hard labor but the bordom is likely to kill them," the Human XO and lawman said with a smirk toward the end.

Valk'o nodded, the details were not important to her. Ensuring the Ambassador recieved credit for this was paramount in her mind.

"I will be aboard the D'deridex warbird Chula, which will act as the Romulan point ship." She stated, "Any orders will go through my bridge."

With a nod, Wolf said, "Fair enough. I'll have the IFF codes to you as soon as we have them ready. Aught not to be more than 12 Terran hours."

He paused to study the sub-commander for a long moment before he added, "I know you have your own reasons for joining this little crusade but....I think it will be reassuring to know you and your part of the armada will be there."

Valk'o let out an inaudible sigh, "If you are referring to the Romulan cloak, we will not use then unless it is deemed appropriate to the campaign."

With a smile and very slight shrug, "At this point in time, I'd have no real objections either way. If one or the other becomes obviously advantagious, you'll get the word as soon as we find that out."

Valk'o nodded. "Are there any arrangements I should know about Colonel?"

The human obviously thought for a moment before he replied, "Nothing that strikes me as major. This is going to be a probe that is going to turn into a multi directional net as it were. We're going to have some rather impressive crews with us....which we will need considering. I'd be a liar if I said it didn't have a little bit of a public relations aspect. I'm sure you're aware of the propaganda that the pirates are putting out."

"Are you referring to the unfounded allegations about their procurement of Romulan technology?" Valk'o asked abruptly.

The question struck Wolf as being rather telling as well as surprising. He was a bit bemused that he was hearing the rumor for the first time....From a Romulan officer who was coming across as, depending how one looked at it, a little defensive.

Keeping his amiable poker face he said, "That is something that is being investigated. I will say that it is a rumor that is, like most of it's kind, not wholly factual. In the unlikely circumstance where it were true, I find it difficult to imagine it would've been acquired any way other than under extraordinary circumstances from unauthorized sources."

Valk'o nodded, supressing her anxiety. Her campaign to discredit the Ambassador and her family, had thus far gone without incident. She now feared that this operation may backfire. 'Human error.' she thought.

"Will there be any sort of meeting or conference between convoy leaders?" She quickly said, to avoid suspicion.

Curiouser and curiouser, Wolf thought. He'd been in law enforcement long enough to recognize certain tells that carried over in most humanoids. No sense in letting her catch on now.

"I can see what we can manage. As full a briefing as we will be able to offer will be provided regardless. We've have a base plan laid down and contingencies in the works but some of it will be plain, old fashioned making it up as we go along. The fluid situation and their ability to infiltrate don't leave us much choice," Wolf said a little sourly.

"When can that be expected?" The Romulan asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Inside of 12 hours....18 at most. You'll get whatever details we get soon as it's in. We'll include the encryptions and frequencies that will be in use. Do keep in mind that I've found a majority of the operations like this tend to require....A little improvisation from time to time when things get rolling," Wolf said seriously.

A trace of a smile touched his lips as he added, "Humans have a saying that I have found to be pretty much as close to law as gravity --- 'No plan survives first contact with the enemy.' That's why I made the disclosure I did."

Valk'o nodded. "I will complete preparation of my ships."

Wolf said, "I'll be sure to ensure you get any and all pertinent information as we get it. I'm glad to have you on board with this operation, Sub-Commander."

He offered a respectful nod and added, "Until then...."

The Romulan terminated the channel.


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