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Final address

Posted on Thu Feb 25th, 2016 @ 4:13am by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Thomas Stills

Mission: Trouble on the frontier

Faces looked at him; concerned, worried, anxious faces. Some showed trepidation, few showed hope. All knew what faced them but Harrison knew this meeting was important anyway.

“You are all about to go into a potentially dangerous situation. You are Starfleet so you know that comes with the territory but this is one unlike any which most of you will have faced. Even the veterans of the Dominion War among you will find yourselves in unknown territory.

“War has rules. Often those rules are blurred; sometimes they are crossed. But they are there. We are facing an enemy here who knows no rules. Whether it is pirates or whether it is dissident groups we do not know. For all we know, the two might have combined forces. What we do know is that, whoever they are, they have no respect for civilian lives. They will – they have – devastated an entire planet for ends we are not even sure of.

“I could give you carte blanche, for this mission. I could say that, in circumstances such as these, you have free rein to take any and all measures you deem necessary. In fact I will do the opposite.

“Whether it was pirates or not, they are waging a propaganda campaign against us, a highly successful campaign, I might add. We cannot afford to give them any more ammunition. You will conduct yourselves with utmost integrity at all times; both on and off duty. You will provide succour to those in need without question and without hesitation. Relief will be distributed on the basis of need, not the capacity to pay. Likewise, infrastructure will be rebuilt where it is needed, not where important people would like it.

“Commander Delrisa, who will be in your party?”

"Certainly not the cutthroats and brigands you suggest, Captain," Soraya began. "Doctors Morrissey, Internal Medicine, Campbell, Pediatrics, and Doctor, Infectious Diseases. There is a roster of nurses and medics as well, all trained first responders. Did you read the report I submitted?"

“Thank you, Commander. No, I have not read the report. There is a mountain of work in my inbox. Anyway, I wanted to get it first-hand. I am sure the details are succinct and complete but, this way, everyone now knows the gist of it.

“I assume you have been liaising with Lieutenant Stills; looking ahead, what supplies do you anticipate being needed further down the track?”

"Fresh foods are in short supply, everything else is on par," Soraya said.

“Thank you, Commander. Now, what progress are we making on getting out there? Lieutenant Stills, how are preparations going? Which ships do you need?”

"We're on schedule, Sir. Most of the equipment is ready and waiting to be loaded. I would request that we take the USS Tolstoy. It's a heavy class cruiser and should be enough for our needs. We should take out most of the fighters and leave a contingent on the Tolstoy in case we run into a little trouble. That would leave us plenty of room for three casi-vac shuttles."

“Very good. I think that will be all.”


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