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Farther planning

Posted on Mon Feb 8th, 2016 @ 4:43am by Brigadier General Morrilus Corrus & Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: XO's Office

The senior marine did a double take at his old friend and blurted, "You did what?!"

Wolf looked at his old friend with a mild as milk blandess and a slight shrug as he said, "It looks like we could someone with tactical experience who knew how all the players at work....You've got that. With your background, reputation and rank you seemed the best choice for the job."

Giving his friend a slightly more derisive look he added, "Besides, your rank makes you more attention getting."

After a very earthy quip to his friend, Corrus took a few deep breaths before he said, "You realize it's been 3 or 4 years since I have had a command.....9 months of being a mission adviser on a medical ship and a few years at Starfleet HQ right?"

The ginger Martian with the mismatched irises rolled his eyes then replied, "I know you, MG. You're not one to let your skills slide. Tell me you were not working scenarios in the holodecks, working new tactics and schmoozing field officers. Hell, I've caught wind of some of the stuff you've been working on. That ain't a hand you can play against me, buddy."

The general harrumphed under his breath, "Okay...Assuming the idea doesn't get dismissed out of hand, what's the specific game plan?"

After a bit of back and forth Corrus said, "It's a bit demented but it's crazy enough to work. It sounds like your usual, Wolf."

Bannister smirked and said, "That mean that you're in?"

With a resigned sigh, MG replied, "Unless it gets dismissed out of hand by your boss or the other main players, yeah....I'm in."

Wolf stood up and smiled at the man who was his essentially surrogate big brother, "I'll make the arrangements."


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