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A volunteer

Posted on Fri Feb 12th, 2016 @ 3:11pm by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Sick Bay

The Sick Bay was a hive of activity as Jrez approached. There appeared to be no co-ordination to the people running hither and thither as they prepared for the relief mission to Gaspar but he knew Commander Delrisa would have everything under tight rein.

He spotted her talking to a woman in Medical teal he did not know. He waited patiently, just out of earshot, until they had finished. Given the level of hubbub, that was not at all far away.

“Commander Delrisa,” he said over the noise to attract her attention.

"Chief, hello," she said, walking towards him.

“I’d like to volunteer for the mission to Gaspar. I know I’m not medically trained but I know my way around a sick bay. I could be an extra pair of hands for nurses in triage or I could assist running lab results: scans and that sort of thing.”

She cocked her head for a moment, considering his offer. She and Jrez had collaborated in the past, quite successfully... he could be a good man to have around in a pinch.

“As you know, I’m somewhat of a tinkerer....”

“There you are,” a deep, gruff voice said from behind Jrez. He turned to see Vartog looming over him. “I’ve been looking all over for you.”

“You can’t have looked very hard,” Jrez replied casually. “I was in my lab until only a few minutes ago.”

Vartog let the comment slide. He knew Jrez had not been there at least fifteen minutes earlier but what was the point in arguing. “I wanted your assistance in knocking up a portable machine to run complex holograph code.”

“I’m sorry, Vartog,” Jrez replied, “but I just volunteered to go on the Gaspar mission.” He turned to Delrisa to confirm that. Soraya nodded as she turned towards the Klingon.

Vartog thought about the reply. “That could actually work to my favour. I’ve been asked to design holovids to counter the pirates’ propaganda.”

“Why do you need my help?” Jrez asked. “You’re the coding master.”

“That’s the problem. We want something that looks like the pirates issued it. That means getting access to their code. I’ve tried duplicating it but having access to the real thing’d make my task a lot easier.”

“And....” Jrez prompted.

“I’m thinking that Gaspar is a likely place for the pirates to be active. Disruption on that scale is the perfect breeding ground for hatred of the Federation. If you could get your hands on some holovids, I could really get to work. And I mean the actual things, not just copies.”

Jrez smiled. “If I see any lying around, I’ll be sure to pick them up.”

“Thanks, Chief.” Vartog nodded to Delrisa. “Sorry for the interruption, Commander.” Then he left. Soraya watched as Vartog left; propaganda holovids? What was that about?

"Sorry about that, Commander,” Jrez said, looking a bit sheepish. “Now...where was I? Ah yes...I was saying that I'm a bit of a tinkerer. I could also scavenge bits and pieces and try to get machinery working again. Any small step in that direction could make a big difference if things are as bad as reports make out.”

She turned back to Jrez "You would be very welcome, Chief. We will be coordinating with local leaders to help everyone affected; we can plan for most anything but not everything," the doctor replied, smiling warmly. "There are many hungry, homeless, frightened people on Gaspar, I'd appreciate your help." She looked briefly where Vartog has stood only a moment before. "Does he think the pirates have anything to do with the natural disaster?" she asked.

“Sometimes I wonder just what Vartog is thinking,” Jrez replied. “He’s loyal to Starfleet, of that I’ve no doubt, but it’s still a Klingon heart beating in his breast and a Klingon brain determining his thoughts.” He pondered for a moment. “I think he sees a way of doing his duty. More than that, he sees a way of proving his honour. Vartog comes from a family that made technology its speciality. It made itself important to the Klingon Empire but no ‘true’ Klingon thanks them for it. Vartog joined Starfleet to try and redeem himself when the KDF dismissed him as worse than useless. I think Vartog is going to prove that his skills have merit and honour as well as being useful. As to your question, I doubt he really cares.”

"The Klingon have a fascinating and complex socio-military structure, they never cease to surprise me," she said softly, almost to herself. She shook her head to dispel her thoughts. "Well if you are available now perhaps you could assist the first-responder units? We'll need to start loading equipment within the hour..." Soraya looked down at the padd in her hand. "Only thing we're short of is ready-to-eat food, but I have an idea for that...."


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