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Supplies Acquisition

Posted on Fri Feb 19th, 2016 @ 5:10pm by Cassius Lincoln & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Promenade

The doctor was running out of time.

She had slipped away from the activity in the huge bays and was walking fast- nearly running- towards the Promenade. Logistics scrolled in neat columns in her mind; there were commonly used calculations for how much of certain medications, first-aid items, surgical items, even personnel and water per capita for a relief situation, but most doctors would bump the numbers up just a bit to account for the unknown. The fact is it's always unknown. You don't know exactly what you'll need until you have feet on the ground assessing the situation.

As a doctor Soraya was well educated and very experienced first responder. As a woman she was an natural multi-tasker. As her mind slid effortlessly from duty roster to supply distribution to landing zone organization, the one thing that she knew they were short of was fresh food. They could use their limited power for replicators perhaps a few weeks after they arrived but they would be using all or nearly all for the medics and surgeries until then.

She had an idea and it was propelling her towards The Starfire Bar and Grill.

Cass was polishing the counter like he often did when things were slower, which it often was this time of day. It was part of the routine when there was not much to do.

Soraya stopped at the door. Her reflection showed how disheveled she looked, her lab coat pockets bulged slightly with small items and even a padd, her hair was pulled back but many random strands ran wild over her head. Time to be convincing, she thought as she pulled open the door and started towards the bar.

"Hello, Mr. Lincoln? I'm Doctor Soraya Delrisa."

The business owner looked up and flashed what he used as one of his more charming smiles and said, "Yeah....That's me. What can I do for ya?"

She stopped at the seat across from him and sat. "As you may have heard, there was a natural disaster on an inhabited planet not far from here, Gaspar."

"Yeah, I'd heard a bit about that. It doesn't sound like they're having a lot of fun over there," Cass admitted focusing a bit more on the doctor.

"Yes, and this is on a scale much worse than we've seen in decades. The station is sending a relief effort since we are closest to the planet, we'll be the first on the scene," she said.

"That tracks with what's going around the station and the news services. That's pretty much public knowledge though. Why the personal update," Lincoln asked amiably though suddenly very curious as to where this was going.

"I need your help, Mr. Lincoln, and the help of your fellow businessmen if you can persuade them," she began. "Three hundred years ago on Earth there was a group called The Red Cross. They collected donations of food, clothing, and medications to help people when a disaster happened. Many of those donations came from businesses but individuals donated as well. I would like to reinstitute that practice now," she said softly. "Do you think its possible?"

Cass studied the doctor thoughtfully for a moment. Cass was far from heartless. Business was business though. The type of thing the doctor was talking about would take up either non-replicated stock that was costly to get or else replicator allotments which could get expensive on a few levels.

He tilted his head slightly as a thought struck him. Many of his colleagues would not need much convincing. Others would need just the nudge he just thought of. The remainder.....

With a nod, Lincoln said, "I think I could manage to put something together with contacts on station or else in the area. Some are going to be harder to convince however. Not everyone has a well developed or even lightly developed sense of generosity. What do you think Starfleet would be willing to offer the merchants in the area for goods that are ready to fly?"

She sighed. Perhaps this wasn't a good idea after all.

"I have nothing to offer," she said. "I was rather hoping the businesses of Deep Space 12 would be willing to help a neighbor." She stood and offered her hand. "Thank you for your time, Mr. Lincoln."

"You know, I suspect that the FNS might ending up covering this situation with some closeness. Have you heard of anything along those lines," Cass asked the Doctor musingly.

"I care for the injured and infirmed, the politics I leave to Command," she answered, lowering her hand but still standing.

With a silent sigh of his own after thinking for about a heartbeat and a half, he said, "Nevermind that then. I think I'll be able to do some convincing and call in a favor or two. Who do ya'll got managing the supply collection and transport?"

"Lieutenant Thomas Stills, he's in the cargo bays now. If you are able to help at all it is appreciated but I will understand if you are not." She glanced at her reflection in the door... she looked as tired as she felt. I still have to get the little one settled, she thought, hoping she hadn't just wasted her time.

Cass watched her as she spoke. As beautiful as the doctor was, she did look tired. And, from what he'd heard and seen, Gaspar had turned into a nightmare just short of hell.

In a softer voice, "I'll do everything I can to help. Heck, I'd offer to come along if I thought it was useful.

She smiled in spite of her weariness; rarely had she had so many volunteers for a mission. That goodness, the desire to help others, warmed her.

"You're very kind to say so, Mr. Lincoln, but I cannot take you from your work." She locked his gaze with her own. "Fresh food is our greatest need right now and anything you can secure to help these frightened, starving families will help."

"Piece a' cake. In fact, could you use extra transport ships? I got a few favors I could call in that I doubt I could ever use otherwise. I've got a little cabin fever since we're still winding up anyhow," the merchant said turning up the wattage on his smile a bit more.

"Lieutenant Stills would be the one to make that determination, and possibly the Captain. Food is my priority."

"Will do, doc. I do have one favor to ask in exchange. It's a good thing, I promise," Cass said with a sympathetic look in his eyes with a softening on his smile.

She turned her head questioningly.

Lincoln smiled and said, "When this is all over, I'd consider it an honor if you can find the time to swing by for a bite to eat and a drink. Bring along some company if you want. You look like you might have earned it by the time t his is over."

"I'll see you then if not before," she replied. "Thank you Mr. Lincoln."

With a nod, the man said as his grin got a little lop sided, "Until then doc."


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