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Posted on Fri Apr 8th, 2016 @ 5:02am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Jillian Forst

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: XO's Office / USS Steadfast

Wolf sighed as he closed out the document he was working on. It'd been a while since he'd updated his will. With everything that was going on he thought it might be prudent to take care of that since his life had changed. Soraya and Anna were very much a part of it and, if the worst happened, the document should reflect that.

While not usually gallows minded he also didn't like to tempt fate when he could avoid it unnecessarily. It was time, however, to go past the planning to the execution of his arm of the mission.

"Bannister to Forst....Please meet me at the Steadfast."

"I'll be there momentarily." Jill was standing over a collection of equipment. She wasn't big on packing, but this was a special occasion. Hefting a backpack and a duffel bag over her shoulders, she headed out of the storage room she'd been calling home for the last few weeks.

Lax wasn't going to be an easy collar; someone as slippery and as evil the Commodore would leave blood on the ground before coming quietly. She hoped Bannister knew what they had signed up for.

After a brief walk, Jill reached the ship and hit the comm button. "Permission to come aboard"

"Permission granted," came the reply.

Jill watched as the door to the ship slid open, revealing the interior of the vessel that would be her home for the duration. It would have to make do.

Wolf looked up from the padd he just signed and smiled at Jill, "Welcome aboard."

The marshal was in an outfit that matched his usual pattern prior to becoming XO. Boots, black slacks, green shirt and a duster with green band along the shoulders, chest and back. He wore his rank insignia on his jacket lapels and marshal's start / combadge over his heart.

With a playful smirk he said, "Planning on going on an incursion or family vacation?"

Jill hefted the the gear to the side. The bags landed with a thud, the clank of metal on metal threatened to break container open at the seams. "I just have a bad feeling about all of this, more so than usual. I tried to bring some of everything here. Tan is dropping off some more gear here in a few moments, the stuff I couldn't get from the office." The detective leaned against the hull of the ship. "So, incursion, vacation, little of both I suppose."

Wolf inclined his head with a bit of a smile, "Yeah...I'm expecting things to go well but this bastard has already tried to take both of us out which is a new level of nasty. I've pulled in some huge markers and put my neck on the block elsewhere."

Gazing into Jill's eyes he added with a cold fury behind his own eyes, "After the attempts on us, the threats to Annabella and Dr. Delrisa.....What they did to Victoria's family right in front of her. He needs to be brought in and face justice."

"Do you really think someone like that is going to allow us to bring him in front of a panel to face crimes? I know I wouldn't." she let out a bit of breath, "I'd go down shooting, take as many of the bastards with me. We are in for a bloody slog through the slimy underbelly of this quadrant Marshal. I'm not sure it's worth it. Just let the fleet vape this guy and let's be on with our lives."

"My ass. I aim to sucker punch this piece of crap, haul his ass up in front of a court and see him be miserable in a rehab facility for 20 to life. I don't like to lose. Especially to low grade pond scum like Lax," Wolf said with a bit of cold anger.

Shaking his head he added, "Get stowed. The second officers quarters are yours. Be in the ready room in 15 minutes."

"Alright, how long till we leave?" Jill grabbed her gear just as a familiar head popped in to the room.

"Jill, I've got your rifles.." Tan moved through the door and laid the two cases at her feet. "I also brought you some Dim Sum, I didn't want to see you leave hungry." The old chef looked towards Wolf. "There some in there for you too big boy. You eat it, will make you strong."

Wolf managed to stifle the smile that threatened to come up and limited it to a grateful smile and nod before saying, "Much obliged, Mr. Tan. Thank you."

"You two come back now, don't let this guy get you." Tan smiled as he gave Jill a hug. "I'll clean your shop while you are gone, I'll just say I'm taking it over if anyone asks." The old man released his hug and ducked back out of the ship almost as quick as he had appeared.

"Well, I think I'm about ready now that I've got the rifles, I don't know that I'll need them but you'll never know when you need to reach out to ten kilometers." The detective kicked the case. "I'll get this all stowed, and our lunch at that too"

With a chuckle Wolf said, "Sounds good."

Thoughts of the mission occupied her attention as she grabbed her gear and headed towards her room. She had heard that the Defiant class ships were a bit spartan, but anything was more comfortable than most of the ships she had served on in the past. The halls had the characteristic fleet paint job, but nothing but the essentials. The other crew she passed all seemed to be in a hurry, finishing last minute prep for their mission. After a few moments of wandering, and a few directions from the computer, the detective found her room. In the corner tossed most of the gear, clothes thrown on the bed.She really didn't need most of it but brought it anyways.

With a sigh, she looked around the room she probably wouldn't spend much time here, but it was nice to have a bit of space, especially after the broom closet she had been living in for the last few weeks. Jill landed heavily on the bed, stretched out, and cleared her mind. It was the best to due in this case.

One thing that she needed advice on was what to wear.

"Forst to Bannister, would you come to my quarters?"

"Sure. I'll be there in a minute," Wolf responded.

He looked around and sighed. It was better than the virtual shelf he slept in on the Earp at the least. Defiant class ships were not meant for luxury, as this reminded him. With a bit over 90 minutes until launch, he opted not to worry about that now.

With that decision, the marshal tromped out of his quarters the short distance to Jill's and activated the sensor to sound the door chime. He wondered if there was something specific she had in mind or if it was general mission business.

"Come" Jill had spread out two choices on the bed in front of her, a Marine uniform and a more tactical outfit. "So..." She said without looking towards the marshal, "Should I wear the Marine uniform or not? My issue is, if we get captured, the Uniform would perhaps afford me some of the benefits of the rules of war." Jill crossed her arms. "I doubt that in that case, the pirates are going to treat us well. I imagine, I'll get tortured, raped, and then probably killed." The thought sent a shudder through her. "I don't know. Thoughts?"

"The uniform might help with credibility with the crew and Klingons. Just a thought.....I'm not bothering with the uniform but the whole XO with a badge thing kinda makes it less of a worry point for me. Ultimately the call is yours though," Wolf said with a slight but warm smile for his partner.

"As much as I hate it.. I'll probably opt for the uniform." Jill grabbed the outfit from the bed and looked around at the room. "Really not much space to get ready in here is there?" The "room" which was really just a couple of bunks left no area for any privacy. "If we are captured, I might be able to pass off for crew, who knows"

"Maybe. I might be a little too biased to make that call however," the marshal said with a light grin for his friend and partner.

"Well, we'll see. I have just a bad feeling about this whole thing still." She unfolded the uniform and pondered the bleakness of the green and black. "Well, either turn around or stand out in the hallway so I can throw this on real quick."

Nodding, Wolf did a casual about face and kept his eyes to the opposite direction that Jill stood. It garnered a spectacular view of the rather plain wall.

He continued talking figuring they were discussing business which needn't stop, "We should can expect to be joined enroute by two K'Vort class ships from the KDF roughly half way there. We'll go in cloaked, take care of business and scoot. It'll be safer than going in alone and less obvious than coming in with an entire battle group, cloaked or not."

"You think you can trust those Klingons?" Jill hook her head as she started to change out of her civilian outfit. "Anymore, I think you can only trust them as far as you can throw them. I'm sure they are playing some angle." The woman flipped her old clothes on the bed. "You keep those eyes on that wall Bannister." The green uniform wasn't flattering, but it would have to do. "Do we even know where Lax is?"

He smirked slightly at her comments. With a shake his head he replied, "As much as I adore your skinny butt I know better than to turn around, Jill. With regards to the Klingons, they always require a bit of attention. With my relationship with Dr. Delrisa and her daughter ties me into an....interesting connection with our friendly neighborhood Klingon ambassador. I trust her enough that I'm no more worried than usual about working with them."

"We've got a solid lead that I trust. Not guaranteed of course but I've had good luck with weaker information," Bannister added.

"I've had some of those leads too.. fallen flat on my face a few times too." The pants and undershirt slipped on easily enough, the uniform top was a different matter, it felt uncomfortable, some replicator programmer must be laughing their head off. She flung the coat over her shoulder and sighed. "Alright, you can turn around."

Wolf did so and nodded, "It suits you believe it or not. And there are some certain advantages we have that no one else knows of."

"Ohh and what is that Colonel Bannister?" she said with a grin. "I'm rather curious now, almost as curious as to where we are going to find a top that fits."

"Good tailors are hard to find rather like good moles. I've found the latter. I'll keep an eye out for the former....In the mean time, I think we can authorize a marine issue duster if that'd be alright with you," the senior marine said with a slight grin.

The Detective turned Marine grumbled a bit. "They are kind of hideous." She paused for a moment, but better than what I've got now." She put the coat on and zipped up the front. She looked like a small child playing dress up. "So what advantage are out talking about? Or is that need to know and I don't need to know?"

Wolf managed to stifle a grin until the end as he said, "The bad thing about field work is the occasional ruffing it. And we'll see if it pans out the way I hope. If it doesn't or doesn't quite work, I'd rather not embarrass myself."

"Alright, well.. now what there cowboy?"

"We make sure everyone's here, saddle up and ride....What else," he asked.

After a pause, the colonel added as he nodded toward Mr. Tan's gift, "After lunch of course."

"Do they actually have a mess hall in this thing or a closet where you just breathe down each others necks?" She grabbed the bag of food from next to the bunk. "Smells ok I suppose."

"The mess halls in the Defiant class are the size of a small corner joint in the Promenade. It's cozy but I'm not sure you'd quite feel the breath of anyone else on you unless it was intentional," Wolf said wryly.

"That's good. Let's head out then, we spend any more time in here and people are going to start talking." Jill nodded and headed out the door down the corridor. The ship had an odd hum to it, maybe it was just the fact that it was working properly, as opposed to any number of random ships she had recently been on, being held together with tape and spot welds.

"Gods forbid. Okay. Lets go....With lunch though. Can't work effectively on an empty stomach can we," Wolf said with a slight smile before grabbing the packed lunch handed over and holding it up before joining Jill at the door.


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