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Urgent Bulletin

Posted on Wed Feb 17th, 2016 @ 5:40am by Commodore Lax Rendo're XVIII

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Gaspar
Timeline: Current

Kelly sat in her apartment, hunkered down with her mother and two children. Their sector of Gaspar had been spared most of the devastation that other parts of the planet had known. All that had given them relief until now was the bit of food they had in the pantry and the holonet. Most of it was news, but, the children's programming was still on air, no doubt to try and keep the little ones calm as much as possible.

She sat: tired, hungry, and afraid, she had to be strong for the others in the little apartment.

The holonet played an old rerun of a question show. All she could discern was that the contestant had to guess in under five questions, the occupation of the panelist. The show was just about to reveal the occupation of the main guest when a news bulletin cut in.

"This is Thomas Lang with Quadrant News reporting" A well groomed news caster appeared almost larger than life in front of her; a stark contrast from her current surrounding. "Tragedy strikes our people, many of whom are already reeling from the surprise attack. Reports are coming in that three dozen citizens had discovered a booby trapped aid station, scattered among the rubble of buildings. One survivors testimony states that they were lured in with promises of aid, shelter, and food, only to have a massive explosion rip them apart."

The video cut to a man on a stretcher: bloodied, bruised, broken, a defeated look displayed through his eyes.

"It was sudden, we saw the Federation banners hung on the walls, signs that said "Aid Here", "All Welcome". Boy, if I hadn't of tripped walking in I'd be dead too. I remember seeing one women, so happy to have clawed her way out of the rubble, all she wanted was some food. She was one of the first that was blown up man."

The video cut back to the studio.

"Tragic can not begin to explain, we now go live in the field to Tiana Milt, at the scene of this horrific ploy."

The scene cuts to the rubble of an apartment, Tiana is standing there as several rescue people mill about, tending to those around.

"Thank you Tom, I'm here at the scene of this brutal attack, as you can see on the wall back there, the remains of an inviting Federation Aid station, offering comfort, used in a brutal attack against civilians. Aid workers are now on the scene tending to those who are injured, and those who did not survive the blast. I have with me Chief Turner Owen, lead Medic on scene, now, Chief Owen, what was this designed to accomplish."

"Tiana, I'm not sure, in all of my years, all of my combat, I've never seen anything like this before, especially targeted at civilians, we are urging everyone to stay away from any Aid stations, specifically ones that are marked as Federation, or staffed by people who are claiming they are from the Federation or Starfleet. I repeat, stay away. For your own sake, we'll reach everyone as we move neighborhood to neighborhood." The chief rubbed his face as he looked back towards the scene of the devastation.

"You said this was targeted at civilians?"

"No doubt, it was shrapnel based, timed to allow multiple people in the area before detonating, and then throwing out as much debris as possible to cause injury and slow down rescue attempts."

Tiana held the microphone closer. "You said you found evidence that this was a Federation Aid station?"

"Well, I'm not ready to say that, what we found was Federation supplies, cases, crates, banners, and rations. Normal humanitarian aid. I can't say for certain how it got here or who, but we have been in contact with the Fleet for aid coming from Federation Council. This" he paused for a moment, he started to well up. "The terror that happened here was unspeakable."

"Chief thank you f" She paused as a shout came from the wreckage.

"Everyone out! Now! Hurry! Get out!" The camera swung around quickly to the scene of the commotion, the former decoy aid station, just in time to capture a massive fireball consume several of the workers. Shrapnel exploded towards the the picture.

Kelly held her hands up instinctively as a piece of rebar flew towards her on the couch before the feed cut, and the well groomed news caster re appeared.

"I, I." His mouth was open. He recomposed and yelled off camera. "Get them back! What happened! Get someone out there now!" He turned towards the camera.

"I repeat. Until we know more, do not approach any aid stations. I repeat for your own safety, do not approach any aid stations. We'll update you with more when we learn." the reporter was shaken, the screen cut back to the show. Kelly sat on the couch, hand over her mouth, gasping for air. Her attention turned out her window. Across the street, a few houses down, but still within sight, was what appeared to be Federation Banners hung in the entry way of a building. Proclaiming "Here for aid!"

She reached for the comm panel, and dialed.


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