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I'm sorry

Posted on Fri Feb 19th, 2016 @ 4:51am by Jillian Forst

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Captain's office/Gaspar

It took hours to establish a link to Gaspar. Even then, it was scratchy and Harrison expected it to drop out at any moment.

“Patch me through to Chief Owen, please,” he requested.

Static filled the connection as he waited. A few times he thought he had gotten through, only to be disappointed. Finally the line cleared enough for him to make out a voice on the other end. It sounded very tired.

“Chief Owen?” he queried.

The Chief, weary from the days work rubbed his face. This would be good he was sure. "Yes this is Chief Owen, what can I do for you."

“You will forgive me if I dispense with pleasantries but I am sure your time is precious. I have just seen the newsfeed from Gaspar: the one concerning the second bombing at the fake aid station. Let me assure you that the Federation had nothing to do with either the station or the bombing. No aid has yet been sent from Deep Space 12 and we are the closest Starfleet base to Gaspar. If the aid station had Federation equipment then it was stolen.”
"In an unofficial capacity, that is what we figured. We haven't seen any official Fleet presence here so it seemed odd, the general populace though, they don't know better. We haven't been able provide a robust response to the crisis due our resources being stretched so thin. We've got people dying from injuries sustained days ago, hell some even still trapped in rubble." The chief grabbed his canteen and took a swig of water. It tasted flat and stale as it went down his throat. "We think that whoever planted it there, intended it not so much to hurt the civilians, but to lure in the responders after the fact. I'm guessing that they thought the fleet would be here by now."

“I apologise but it was decided that a full mission would be preferable to piecemeal efforts. We will send a team to investigate the bombing. It is being assembled as we speak. It will be sent with the main relief team.”

"Good, I don't have time to really dig in and find out who dunnit: pirates, Dominion, splinter groups, agitators, the Federation. Really could be any of them, hell I don't trust anyone right now, no offense Captain, but this whole thing smells rotten, like we are a chess piece to be thrown away due to bigger strategy."

From his dealings with his superiors and the decision to delay sending relief, Harrison was beginning to think much the same thing. “In view of the bombing,” he said, “I have decided to dispatch an advance party. It can join you in your house to house efforts. That way, we might be able to re-establish some confidence and set up real aid stations when the main party arrives.

"I would advise that they don't show up in Fleet uniforms, while my staff and I are fairly confident you all didn't have anything to do with this, there are a lot of scared, hurt and tired people out there right now who are looking to take their anger out on someone. All it takes is one nut job to get them riled up and you're going to have a bloodbath on your hands. If the pirates are responsible, I'm sure they'd love a few prisoners, if it is a splinter group, or terrorists, well, I'd hate to think what it would look like to have a few of your crew strung up in the middle of a square." Owen took another swing from his canteen, he knew that the attack earlier had gone out on the holonet, but who else was counting on having someone there to see it.

“That is not my preferred choice,” Harrison admitted, “but I am willing to take your advice. I will not hold you up any longer. If there is nothing further....”

"Not really, but we need to be prepared for the possibility of someone shooting at ya'll. I mean, that Lax guy has really stirred up everything around here, the attacks are just sticking it in everyone's eye. You got a plan to combat him?"


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