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Posted on Mon Mar 14th, 2016 @ 6:23pm by Cassius Lincoln & Lieutenant Thomas Stills

Mission: Trouble on the frontier

After Dr. Delrisa left the place, he headed into the back office after waving over his backup for the bar. After a few calls passing the word to some of his fellow promenade shop owners, he started to review his inventory lists to sort out stock items that were a little closer to expiration than others vs the popular items.

He worked to balance that with food that was nutritionally useful as well as foods that were attractive flavor wise to a number of species. That was something he liked about having gotten experience with restaurants in the past.

With a start Cass recalled what Dr. Delrisa had said about Lt. Stills. Opening a channel, "Lt. Stills....This is Cassius Lincoln of the Starfire Bar and Grill. Do you have a minute?"

Tom was in the loading bay overseeing the equipment and supplies ready to be transported to the USS Tolstoy. He had been about to take a short break as he'd been here hours before his shift started. He was adding another item to his never ending list when the call came through.

"Funny you should say that Mr Lincoln. I was about to have a short break." replied Tom "What can I do for you?"

Tom finished what he was writing and turned to his 2IC. He handed over his PADD. "Make sure that these are loaded with the emergency tents."

"Aye Sir"

"Doctor Delrisa told me that ya'll needed some help for Gaspar. I've started setting aside parts of my stock that I can spare. I should be able to convince some of my fellow shop owners to do the same," the Starfire owner said.

Tom was genuinely surprised at the offer. It was something he didn't expect to hear. "I'm on my way over to you to talk about it," he replied "but I need a coffee and a sandwich when I get there if that's ok?"

"Of course, Lieutenant Stills. Come on down. Easier to hammer out details over a meal after all," Cass said in his pseudo-southern accent.

Tom walked in the Starfire bar a few minutes later. He'd been here a before and it's decor was quaintly comfortable with the potential exception of the occasional gaming table.

Lincoln was polishing the bar as he often was when waiting. He smiled at the lieutenant as he approached the bar, "Lieutenant Stills....Welcome. Have a seat and I'll get your order started. What kind of sandwich would ya like?"

"A B.L.T would go down really well right now." Tom replied sitting at the bar "and a large coffee. Its been quite a while since I've had something to eat that my stomach thinks my throat has been cut."

"Can't have that, now can we," Cass asked as he punched in the order into an order pad.

He then moved over a bit, pulling out a glass and brass coffee cup before a self contained coffee pot before talking as he poured, "The cook will have that sandwich ready in just a minute or two. And I just brewed a batch of coffee while you were on the way down. It's a blend that's gotten rave reviews so I think you'll like it. Do ya' like cream or sugar with with your java?"

"Both" Tom replied "But just one sugar thanks."

Tom took one sip of the coffee and enjoyed the taste immediately. He liked his coffee and had his own blends programmed into the replicator. This one coursed through his veins like quick silver until every nerve edge suddenly started pinging. It was beautifully smooth and the aroma reminded him of a coffee shop he had once visited that over looked a pretty little river and sat snugly up against an old bridge. "That's good."

"I'm glad you like. I try to make sure to provide the best. Your BLT will be out in a few moments. We offer unreplicated food whenever we can. It usually makes a big difference," Cass said with sincere appreciation of the lieutenant's praise.

The barman looked around before adding with a grin, "By the way, your coffee and sandwich will be on the house today. I figure since we'll be working together it's a small but worthwhile concession."

"Were working together?" asked Tom Things had been moving so fast that he hadn't checked on latest updates to the crew list of those going to Gaspar. "I hadn't heard, do you mind if I check?"

"Sure. I ain't quite sure where we're at officially yet but I think we can make it very worthwhile the way things are shaping up," the businessman said with a beaming smile.

Just then, a server came out with the sandwich. He placed it on the bar in front of the Lieutenant before asking, "We have potato chips to go with that. A side salad or fries can be done too but that will take a few moments to get ready if you want."

"Just the sandwich and the coffee is fine thanks." Tom replied biting into it, it tasted good with the right amount of sauce and mayo. "if you give me some time I might be able to check if your on the list. You do realise that the Gaspa mission is a mercy mission don't you? It's not for profit or 'networking."

"Oh, I get it. I admit, I don't think it will look bad if people see me and the other businesses help out. I ain't going to lie about it. I have got a bunch of stock that'll go bad if it isn't used soon and recycling it in the reclamation center seems like a waste though," Cass said figuring the truth was as likely to help more than anything else.

"So what is it you have to offer?" asked Tom

"90 KG of food. Natural, unreplicated food. Various types. It cost me a lot to bring in and knowing it will be not only enjoyed but be helpful is worth a few warm fuzzies I figure. On top of that, I expect to have more food, clothing and other useful items to be pitched in by my fellow business owners. I even have a fellow who has a cargo ship in this neck of the woods who owes me a favor who aught to be able to haul all of it and more for us," Lincoln said cranking up his smile a few terrawatts.

Tom made a note of what Lincoln offered to the mission. "I'll check it out with the C.O. and get back to you about it. Though if you do come along. I warn you that it will be a rough trip, conditions won't be exactly what you might expect it will be more like camping on a fairly basic scale."

"I've been in that kinda situation more than once. It ain't a big thing. It is the right thing to do though which counts for more," Cass said earnestly.

Tom finished his sandwich and the drained remaining coffee. feeling more alert than before. "I'd best be on my way." he told Cass and stood up to leave. "I'll let you know as soon as I can if your coming with us."

"I'll keep looking for useful donations. Keep in touch," Cass said before watching Tom give him a farewell nod then head out to go back to his other duties.


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