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Posted on Sat Apr 9th, 2016 @ 4:39am by Magnus Temple & Cassius Lincoln

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Star Fire Bar And Grill
Timeline: Evening

Temple walked the Promenade in a slow but jaunty manner. He'd had a full day of meetings and briefings, his head full of new information and names he would have to try hard to remember. Still, he was grateful for the opportunity and his first day jitters had made way for the excitement of his potential new life onboard the station.

Having changed into less formal clothing, he was now on the hunt for somewhere to eat dinner and hopefully make some more new friends. He was immediately taken by the bustling energy of the Star Fire Bar and Grill and entered, heading straight to the bar.

"Excuse me," he said to the younger man behind the bar, "I don't suppose you have Carlsberg beer?"

Cass thought for a moment and said, "Yeah. Not much but, unless there's a rush, enough to last until I get another order in. Would you prefer bottle or draft?"

"Ah draft please," Magnus answered, "Always better from the tap, I say."

"There might be one or two exceptions but that is a great rule to go by. One pint coming up," Cass said easily moving to a bank of taps and deftly starting a pour after grabbing a chilled glass.

"So, what brings you to Deep Space 12," the restaurateur and businessman asked.

"Diplomacy," Magnus replied with a smile. "I've been posted here as Chief Diplomat. And I must say I am liking it,"

Magnus received his drink and took a welcoming sip of the cold amber lager, which he savoured with a satisfied gulp. "That's a good beer."

“Did you know they were the first to isolate bottom fermenting yeast?” a voice behind him asked. "I'm sorry," was quickly added, "I couldn't help overhearing your request for Carlsberg beer."

Magnus gave a welcoming smile, "I didn't know, but always appreciate a bit of trivia. Carlsberg reminds me of home."

“The Muncheners knew about it, of course, but it was in the Carlsberg labs that it was first isolated. The whole lager revolution took off from there.”

Temple nodded and patted the seat next to him, "By all means, good sir, have a seat and introduce yourself."

“I’m sorry. I’m Akina Jrez. I’m a bit of a scientist. Well.... That is to say I’m attached to the Science Department. Actually, I’m more of a tinkerer, it’s just that I have an insatiable curiosity about how things work so I...well, I fiddle a lot.”

"My name is Magnus Temple, the new Chief Diplomat." Magnus replied looking between both men, "And after all that, first round's on me."

“Well.... I can’t argue with that.” Jrez turned to Cassius. “Seeing as how we’re discussing lager yeasts, make mine a Pilsener Urquel, please. He waited until the beer had been drawn and he’d taken a sip. “Ah, real lager, not that cheap stuff that’s more rice than malted barley.” He raised the glass in appreciation. “Thank you, Magnus Temple.”

Temple rasied his glass, "As we say back home, skål!"

Jrez took a sip of his beer. “Ah....” he breathed in appreciation. “One thing I will say for Earth, they make good beer. There is nothing on Trill to compare.” He placed the glass reverently on the bar. “So...we must be becoming important here,” he commented. “By my count, that makes three embassies on one station. What did we do to deserve such status?”

Temple instinctively went to his professional voice, "The Federation has an optimistic viewpoint of this region. There's certainly an opportunity to shape the future of our relations with our regional partners and DS12 is in a prime position to facilitate that change."

He took another swig and smiled, "I mean, aren't we all sick of fighting the Cardassians already?"

Jrez shrugged amiably. “I dislike fighting anyone. Cassius, you’re well positioned to hear what’s going on around here. What’s the scuttlebutt?”

"Well, I wish I could say it was reliable information but," the barman lowered his voice a bit before continuing, "I have heard a couple of comments about the Romulan embassy having....some issues, I guess you could say. It sounded like it may be bad enough to drop the count to two diplomatic missions."

“News to me,” Jrez replied, “but, stuck in the Science Labs as I am, I do tend to be out of the loop. Not that it comes as a surprise,” he added on reflection. “We’re a long way from Romulan space so I did often wonder exactly what they were doing out here.”

"That was a bit of a twist to the arrangements. The Cardassian envoy makes sense. Hell, the Klingons make sense considering the alliance the Federation has had with them. The Romulans...Well, I don't quite got enough to put that puzzle together," Cass said with a bit of a lighter tone toward the end.

Temple listened with interest. "I've met with the Romulans. Their Embassy guard was rather cold but their Ambassador was fairly receptive. Suffice to say it will always be an uphill battle to form decent relations with any Romulans."

“She was a strange one, that ambassador,” Jrez said. “Remember when she first arrived, Cassius. I was propping up my normal bit of the bar when she walked in. I spoke to her.... I suppose that’s what started it all.” He turned to Magnus. “I spoke to her, just to be welcoming. You’d think I’d called her a Klingon! Nearly ended up in a brawl.”

Glancing at Magnus and added, "It was pretty impressive. I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt and peg it to her having a bad day but...."

With a shrug, he started to polish an empty spot on the bar. It was a bit of a cliche that he'd adopted partly to keep busy while listening, partly due to more Federation types as you might expect actually expecting to see it.

Temple smiled, "Yes, they stick to their customs. It's not an equalized society like Earth, they have a class system that not even the destruction of Romulus could shake them out of."

Magnus took a long drink of his beer and polished it off. He took a deep breath, holding off a hiccup. He was enjoying the company and discussion but realized he shouldn't down any more lager without eating first.

He picked up a menu PADD and flipped through, "What's the specialty of the house?"

"Right now I'd suggest the Andorian F'Tar steaks with M'Gren greens or else the Cajun blackened blue cheese burger with the usual fixin's and onion rings. Both have ingredients that are especially fresh and are good on their own or paired with your choice of beer," Lincoln said with a flash of a smile.

Temple salivated at the thought. "Definitely the Cajun burger. Perhaps with a Brown Ale?"

“May I recommend a Coopers Dark Ale,” Jrez said. “I think Cassius stocks it in the bottle. It’s darker than a true brown ale but the toasted malt would complement the burger nicely.”

Lincoln nodded at Jrez and then told Temple, "I actually have a case chillin' right now. It ended up being a sleeping giant at my last place. Few knew about it to start but, man, it managed to get very popular at my old establishment."

Magnus nodded in reply, "A Coopers Dark Ale then. So how long has the Star Fire been open?"

"Just a few weeks, actually. I decided to go with under stated but good this time. Good food, good drinks, enjoyable games, varied entertainment in a venue that is generally cozy. I might open the throttles as it were once in a while but I suspect that won't be overly often," Cass said as he pulled a bottle out of a cooler under the bar, deftly popping the cap off, before sliding it in front of the diplomat.

“May I offer another suggestion?” Jrez asked. “Cassius got in too quick for me – I’m still trying to train him – but you should upend the bottle before drinking. Hold your hand over the top and tip the bottle over. Carefully, you don’t want to lose any and you don’t want it to fizz. The secondary fermentation is done in the bottle and the yeast settles out but Coopers recommend the yeast be incorporated back into the ale so you can enjoy the full flavour profile.”

Temple gave a bemused nod to the quirky Science officer, clearly a man with a lot of knowledge on a lot of subjects. Magnus hoped they would become good friends.

He held up his bottle to Jrez and Cassius, "Gentlemen, here's to our new beginnings on DS12. Skål!"


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