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School of Rock

Posted on Wed Mar 23rd, 2016 @ 4:22am by Lieutenant Thomas Stills

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: DS12

Catrin Molington, otherwise known as Cat to her friends, looked around her class room. It certainly was time for a change. The children were due back from their break in just over a week and she had planned an exciting term of activities for them to do.

SHe had stripped the whole classroom bare and with the help of some of the personnel on DS12 she had put up new display boards, given the classroom a new coat of paint, new chairs and tables added to the look. There was still quite a lot to do before school opened but she was confident that they would be ready on time.

Akina Jrez poked his head around the door. “Looking good, Cat, looking good. You’ve set it all up really well.”

"Thanks, but I couldn't have done it without you," she replied. "It was time for a change; fresh start, new broom, that sort of thing. I hope the children will like it."

“Anytime. Glad I could be of assistance. You know I don’t mind knocking a few things together and, after all, it was mainly scrap material left over from sundry other projects. I’m glad it could be put to good use.”

"Our topic for this coming term is music and I intend to put a school band together. I would also like to put together a junk orchestra. Would you have anything out of scrap material that we could get a tune out of?" Cat held up what looked like an old frying pan and tapped out a rhythm on it's flat bottom using a wooden spoon.

“I’ll have to look. I vaguely remember – or rather, one of the symbiont's former hosts vaguely remembers – an orchestra back on Earth in the days before Cochrane. They played instruments cobbled together from what they could salvage from refuse heaps. I’ll see if I can find something on it. I might get some ideas. Do you want me to make them or would you prefer the students do so as part of the exercise?”

"I think the kids could make them," replied Cat, "though it would be nice to have some that are made already. You might like to give us a demo then."

Jrez smiled and shook his head. “Not me,” he said. “You’d think with five previous hosts, one of us could play a musical instrument, but no. The third host, Mavi – the wine snob – was taught as a child but he hated it. And don’t ask me to sing either; personally, I’m tone deaf.

He chuckled then forced his face into a semblance of seriousness. “What ages are the children?” he asked. “It’s just that it occurs to me that they might need help in putting things together. Some might even be too young to do it at all.” He pondered the idea for a moment. “How about we get the young ones to replicate some scores and collate the sheets?”

As he said it, it occurred to him that he’d just volunteered himself for more work. It looked like he was going to be a frequent visitor to the school. He thought about that and found the thought was a welcome one. “I could supervisor them in making fancy bindings and that sort of thing.”

Cat beamed at him. "You are such a Star," she told him. "I'll pencil you into the timetable to come in for a workshop with them. The children will love it."


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