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Posted on Sat Mar 19th, 2016 @ 4:46pm by Ensign T'ami Lo'Wen & Magnus Temple

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Federation Embassy

Temple leaned back in his chair as Lo'Wen stared out the window. He could tell she was pensive still, but trying to put on a happy face. Magnus tapped his comms badge to speak with his reception desk, "Hold my calls. No visits for a little while please."

T'ami looked around and sighed, "I sense a corralling."

"You're safe here," Temple replied softly, "I just want you to know that you can relax."

"Oh I know. The Star Fleet Officers in dress uniform at the door showed that,"

"They're always there."

"Oh" She replied. "Still, it's a nice uniform."

"It is. Very shiny."

T'ami sighed again, "It's just going to take a while."

"Well if you need a shoulder, or anything, I'm right here." Temple replied, "If you need a professional conversation, unlike on the Vanguard we have a trained Counsellor here."

T'ami nodded, "Thank you, I appreciate it."

Suddenly there was a door chime and without waiting for a response, a Diplomatic Aide entered hurriedly.

"I said no visits," Temple huffed; half bemused, half annoyed.

"Sorry, sir, but you have to see this." She replied.

She turned on the viewscreen and they were confronted by the bandit leader's so-called bulletin. The cruel, callous psychopath drew chills down Temple's spine. He was so cold yet so brazen, clearly deluded and yet so focused in his lies.

And then he produced the marine prisoner. T'ami looked away as Temple cursed angrily in Danish. The poor kid, even with his blank stare and monotonous tone, Magnus could feel his fear. There was a deep sadness and regret and he immediately got a vision of an older couple, Magnus realized they were the officer's parents.

T'ami stared hard out the window, trying to disbelieve what was happening. When the phasers fired, she jumped a little and Temple was quickly by her side with a comforting arm around her shoulder.

The Aide turned off the screen, "This was broadcast throughout the region."

Temple growled, "Cowards and terrorists. That's all they are."

"No," T'ami replied, looking around angrily, "They aren't amateurs, not any more."

Temple was surprised by her veracity, "I agree but we can't treat them like a conventional enemy."

T'ami nodded, "So what do we do?"

"Their influence on the region is based on a facade," Temple answered, "Thanks to our previous dealings, we can help DS12 expose them for who they really are."

"The confession from... that animal that attacked me?" She asked, looking nervous again.

"Yes. I'm sorry to bring him up but he rolled over on his pirate mates and DS12 can use it against these guys."

"No, no this is good. Fitting actually. His words helped bring down the bandits in the Inconnu Expanse, and they'll help here too." T'ami nodded.

"I couldn't imagine a better revenge," Temple replied.

"Revenge? More like justice." T'ami answered. "Which is a little out of our purview as diplomats."

"We're making an exception." Magnus shrugged, rubbing her shoulder again. "For everything they've done. We're not following conventional rules, remember."

Temple looked to his small team and smiled, "We're part of a larger force here. Not just Diplomats, not just Federation and Star Fleet. DS12 is the amalgamation of different powers, species, and expertise that is far greater than these bandits."

"We will win and we will make this region a safer place," Magnus coralled, "Because we are part an unstoppable force of good. That's what we have joined here."

The three looked to each other, nodding enthusiastically. Magnus thought briefly about the Marine's parents again and he vowed to ensure their son's killers were brought to justice. Using whatever means necessary.

"Let's get to work." Temple concluded.


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