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Posted on Sun Apr 3rd, 2016 @ 5:38am by Magnus Temple & Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: XO's Office


Temple cleared his throat and absentmindedly pulled at his formal jacket, taking a moment to ready himself. He could meet with world leaders, foreign ambassadors, even the Prime Minister of United Earth with ease, but there was always something about meeting a Military officer that made the Diplomat just a little nervous.

Finally he chimed on the door and awaited a reply.

Wolf looked up as he was packing his gear for the upcoming mission as the chime sounded. He went out to the main room and called, "Enter."

Temple entered quickly and gave a solemn nod. He reached out his hand to shake with the XO.

"Sorry to interrupt you, sir," Magnus spoke, "And I won't keep you. I just have some intelligence that I believe may help you on your mission."

"Alright. I am assuming you know who I am, otherwise I'd not likely be hearing this. May I ask whom you are and what you have for me," Bannister asked carefully and professionally while avoiding to sound cold...Cool maybe, but not cold.

Temple handed over his PADD, "My name is Magnus Temple, the new Chief Diplomat on DS12. I've just come from the USS Vanguard and we had dealings with a pirate organisation operating similarly to this Commodore Rendo're,"

A ginger eyebrow, the one over his green eye, rose slightly as he took and glanced at the padd. After a heartbeat and a half of looking he nodded and stepped out of the way saying, "Okay Mr. Temple. You have my attention. Let's talk for a couple minutes, shall we?"

Temple nodded, "Thank you sir."

Magnus sat down opposite the Executive Officer and took a deep breath, "As shown on the PADD, our pirate group was lead by a rogue named Suntak, a Cardassian dissident who commandeered ships and set up shop in the Inconnu Expanse. He was known to the regional powers but remained only an elusive threat. That was until he attacked and destroyed the USS Montana."

"From there, he used Federation tech to continue operations and evade detection, while getting bolder and more vicious in his attacks, including civilian targets. The Vanguard was sent to intercept and stop him, and have made significant gains in dismantling his bandit network."

"I have collated all the necessary reports on his activities, including official statements from the Cardassians, Ferengi, and Breen," Temple continued, "I believe it would be beneficial to disrupting Rend'ore's activities if you link the two pirate groups together. They're both rogue Cardassians operating similar motives and tactics, and both unmistakably terroristic. Muddy the waters of his propaganda campaign with some guilt by association."

Wolf looked thoughtful for a moment then nodded appreciatively, "Good information to have. With your permission, I'd like to download this information for myself as well as passing it along to the captain and my deputy. Also, any propaganda or anti propaganda concepts should go to Mr. Vartog in Security."

"Thank you sir," Temple nodded, "I've taken the liberty of transferring the files to you already. And I've spoken to the Captain about this, too. I really want to help you stop these... as we say in Denmark, rådne djævels!"

Wolf nodded, translating the last easy enough with Federation Standard as his first language and a handful of words from the European aspect of the Eurasian continental landmass. He responded, "Happy to have the help."

"Well there's one more piece of intel," Temple replied, "I had the displeasure of questioning a bandit that we caught. After some persuasion, he gave a full confession of his crimes and the activities of his crew, including hitting a Breen Relay Station and murdering the civilian crew."

Magnus sighed, "I wanted to leave it up to you to decide whether or not to use it. The confession was... quite descriptive, and the rådne djævel was almost proud of himself throughout. So I'll let you decide on its appropriateness."

With that, the marshal openly scowled and said, "I'm glad you mentioned that. Not many people know about this but you should know based on what you mentioned.....Not many weeks ago a transport ship was attacked. The only survivor was a little girl named Victoria. She watched her parents and parts of the crew killed."

With a deep breath the law enforcement officer and station XO continued, "In addition to what you told me and with the other aspects that we've learned recently, including the fact that they're ruthless enough to attempt to assassinate two Federation Marine Corps officers on a space station amidst a crowded event....Well, I hope you'll understand it when I say that indefinite stays at rehab centers wouldn't break my heart."

Temple could only shake his head, waves of sympathy and anger washed over him. "Hospitalization is too good for this lot. They are worse then scum we faced on the Vanguard, abhorrent ghouls!"

Magnus suddenly stood and paced around the room angrily for a minute, until he realized he was supposed to be a Diplomat and a professional one too.

"Forgive me, sir, the news was quite upsetting." He spoke sheepishly, clearing his throat and straightening out his jacket again. "I hope to see justice served."

"Trust me, so do I. Victoria Marie is a sweet girl even after all that. Regarding the pirates: Generally knowing the type, I expect that a nice, long and intensive stay at a rehab facility will drive them bug nuts. Tragic, I realize but....." Wolf's smile went from sarcastically sweet to downright predatory by the end.

Temple was actually comforted by the Executive Officer's words and smile. "I think the old saying about reaping what one sows applies here."

Magnus reached out his hand again to the Colonel, "I won't keep you any longer. Thank you for seeing me, sir, and please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to the mission."

Bannister returned the gesture and shook the other man's hand as he said, "I will, Mr. Temple. And thank you. Cruelty has no place in this least not where I hold sway. If this pans out, as I expect it will, I just might owe you a pint."

"I look forward to it, sir," Temple nodded, "Safe journey, sir."

Magnus bowed and exited the room, hoping the intel will make a difference.



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