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Permission requested

Posted on Sat Mar 26th, 2016 @ 8:34am by Lieutenant Thomas Stills

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Promenade

“Captain,” Harrison heard behind him. “Captain.”

Damn, Harrison thought. Another complaint about where the transport was forced to dock. That is the last thing I need right now.

He turned to see a middle-aged civilian woman waving in his direction. He vaguely knew her which only increased his feeling of trepidation. He waited until she came up to him. “Yes, ma’am,” he said as politely as he could muster.

"Hello Captain," she greeted warmly. "I wondered if I could have a few minutes of you time to run an idea past you?"

“I am extremely busy right now. Perhaps after the advance team to Gaspar has departed. I might be able to squeeze five minutes in then.”

She didn't hedge things and cut straight to the point. I would like to set up a 'Junk Orchestra' in the school, if I may, using scrap materials that would otherwise be dismantled or melted down for something else."

“I....” he began. He stopped. “Mrs Molington, the idea is a worthy one but I would have to give it some consideration. It is, quite frankly, not an suggestion which has been put to me previously. However, now is not a good time.”

Determined not to be put off, she pushed onwards. "I understand that, Captain, but the new school term begins in a week and we have planned to have music as our main topic. It ties in with all our other subjects and, as you know, it is universally understood and loved. If we use scrap it doesn't involve any valuable resources or costs. It has the added advantages of teaching basic recycling, pride in making their own instrument and..."

“Mrs Molington, I am sure you have thought this through but now is....”

"'ll be fun." she added quietly, determined as she was to carry on despite Harrison's protestations. "We could perform a concert here on the Promenade. Would do wonders for morale as I'm sure the morale officer would agree."

Harrison could see he was not going to win this argument. He knew, by reputation, that Catlin Molington was a forthright woman and one used to getting her way. Many people said it was what made her such a good teacher. “Make such preparations as you can at this stage,” he said, more to get rid of her and get back to what he should be doing than anything else. “I will review your request once I can see a firm proposal and some examples of these ‘junk’ instruments you plan to make,” he added in order to provide a way out later, should he need it.

"Thank you, Captain," she replied. "It will mean so much to the children if we can do it. I'll get examples to you as soon as I can."


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