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The advance party departs

Posted on Sun Apr 3rd, 2016 @ 5:30am by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Magnus Temple & Ensign T'ami Lo'Wen

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Docking Bay Three-Nine-Alpha

“I apologise, it took longer to explain everything than I intended,” Harrison said. He was sitting at a table in Cassius Lincoln’s bar. An empty teapot was on the table in front of him and his cup now held nothing but leaves. “I have left you with only an hour to sort yourself out before the advance party leaves.”

"A full hour?" the CMO asked with a wry grin.

“If you like, I can assign a crew member to hang your clothes and generally get you settled into your quarters. It is not much, I realise, but at least you will have a neat and ordered room to return to.”

"Clearly you've never been a guest in my quarters, Captain Harrison," Soraya remarked with a laugh.

Harrison smiled. “Maybe after this is all over you could invite myself and Colonel Bannister for dinner. We might all be in need of conviviality by then.” He rose. “I must be away. I have other urgent business to attend to. I will see you at Docking Bay Three-Nine-Alpha in an hour. It is much easier to find than the one you arrived at,” he assured her. “The internal directions system can be a bit prickly until you get used to it though. If you have problems, just ask someone. Pretty much everyone knows where it is.”

Docking Bay Three-Nine-Alpha

The team was assembled. Even Lieutenant Cavanaugh had arrived which both pleased and amazed Harrison. He put a lot of store in people being on time but had fully expected his new Counsellor to be late, given the circumstances of her arrival.

“This is a very important mission,” he said to the assembled group. “I will not say that the fate of Starfleet hangs on it but, certainly, the reputation of Starfleet on Gaspar and, by extension, throughout the Demilitarized Zone could well rest on how you handle yourselves. That having been said, it is important to remember that you are going to Gaspar as individuals. You are Starfleet and, if anyone asks, you are to acknowledge that. However, we are not pushing the fact that Starfleet is involved. You are all individuals who volunteered to help out in any way you can. You have all been granted leave to undertake this mission. Do not worry,” he added quickly, seeing some concerned faces in front of him, “I have squared this off with Starfleet Command. I have organised special leave for you all; it will not come out of your normal entitlements.”

There were a few sighs of relief and suppressed titters at that.

"Captain, we are caregivers, healers, first responders, and professionals in our fields. Helping people is what we do," Doctor Soraya Delrisa said.

Temple and Lo'Wren entered the Docking Bay hurriedly, as Magnus barked orders into his comm-badge.

"No, not Level Thirty Nine. Docking Bay Three Nine." He huffed. "And please hurry."

T'ami tugged on his arm as she noticed the group was looking their way. Magnus smiled to the assembled crew and cleared his throat.

"Sorry to interrupt Captain," he began. "But on behalf of the UFP Aid Council, we are contributing medical supplies and reconstruction equipment for your mission."

Harrison waved his hand to indicate the interruption was excused. “When will it be available?” he asked.

"As soon as it gets here," T'ami added sheepishly.

"It literally just arrived off a shuttle." Magnus shrugged. "We may have violated warp laws to get it here."

"Also, if it's okay with you Captain," T'ami looked to Harrison, "I would like to volunteer to join the mission."

Harrison looked at the woman. “In what capacity?”

T'ami straightened up her posture, "I know basic first aid and I'm fairly strong, sir. I can help wherever possible. Plus it might look good to have a Caitian helping out, image-wise, sir."

She gave a brief sideways glance to Magnus, nervous that she'd over familiarized herself too soon. Magnus sensed her apprehension and gave her a reassuring nod.

“You will be going into a very dangerous situation,” Harrison said, “but then, you would not be in Starfleet were you not aware of the dangers. I happen to agree about having a Caitian along. Gaspar is a largely human colony; seeing other races pitching in might be good public relations and, believe me, we need all the good public relations we can get right now. Very well, join the team.”

T'ami gave a small fist pump, "Thank you sir, I appreciate the opportunity to help."

She turned to Temple and gave a small smile. A part of Magnus had hoped the Captain would say no, but he knew how much this meant to T'ami and decided to be supportive. He returned her smile and gave her a congratulatory tap on the shoulder.

Then he realized the crew were still waiting.

"Where are those supplies?" Temple grumbled aloud, "Sir, if you don't mind I'd like to go and find the delivery crew so we don't delay you any further."

“Thank you, Mister Temple. Please do so.”

Temple gave a solemn bow and left quickly, tapping his comm badge with brisk fervor.

“Good luck and safe journey. You are all highly trained and luck will hopefully not come into it but you are going into a dangerous situation. Luck might well end up being the decisive factor.”

"Supplies, luck, we'll take all we can get," Soraya said. Her thoughts strayed to the small phaser packed in her bag. She had promised Wolf she would take it, but she wasn't comfortable keeping it with her. She willed the thought away. "I think we can really make a difference to the people of Gaspar."


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