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New orders

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Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Captain's office

Harrison’s comms panel beeped. He activated it.

=^=Urgent message from Admiral Stence, Starfleet Intelligence for Captain Nelson Harrison. Priority Alpha. Captain Harrison only. Please enter authorisation.=^=

“This is Captain Nelson Harrison. Authorisation One-None-Epsilon-Four-Mu-Three.”

=^=Thank you.=^= There was a crackle on the line then Admiral Stence’s round face filled the screen. =^=Captain Harrison, Starfleet has intercepted a message which demands immediate attention. The Order of 12 has shifted the location of its activities. It has established a new base of operations in your region of space. You are to seek out that base and destroy it.=^=

Harrison took a moment to digest that. From what little he had heard, the Order of 12 was the leading force among dissident Cardassian groups. If any group could be said to be a driving force, the Order was it. But this information did not gel with something else he had heard. “Admiral, forgive me, but I thought the area of the Order’s area of activity was the corridor between the Romulans and the Cardassians.”

=^=Our Intelligence led us to that belief. We now think it was a diversion. We do believe the Order continues to fund groups in that region but we have nothing precise.=^=

“How did we come by this new information?”

=^=Remember those buoys your people laid along the frontier? They picked up an odd message. It was in code but we managed to crack it. Having done so, we were able to piece together other messages which, alone, made little sense. Taken as a whole though, they paint a compelling picture of an organisation intent on destabilisation in your region.=^=

“Would that destabilisation include the attack on Gaspar?”

=^=We believe so.=^=

“That makes little sense, Admiral. The local pirate lord, Rendo’re, has broadcast bullets laying the blame for the bombing of aid stations on the Federation. The nature of the broadcasts suggest he knew the bombings would occur and was ready to film them. If however, the Order was behind the attack....”

=^=Which is why this is Priority Alpha,=^= Stence said sharply, cutting Harrison off. =^=We believe the Order has forged some sort of alliance with the pirates. Our understanding is that the Order staged the attack on the planet then the pirates moved in, set up the fake aid stations and bombed them. I know you have a plan in place to take out this Rendo’re character. I also know you have an advance party ready to go to Gaspar’s aid. You have full authority to proceed with both those missions. However, the third prong of your retaliation now has a new focus. It will no longer seek out pirate bases. It is to find the Order and destroy it.=^=

“But why would the Order ally itself with the pirates?”

=^=Captain, I don’t know and, quite frankly, I don’t care. We can analyse such things after the Order has been wiped out. Right now, find them and obliterate them. Stence out.=^=

Harrison had many more questions but the line was dead. Questions would have to wait. He had orders and those orders had to be carried out. He rose and walked out to Ops to set a mission on a new track.


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