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Posted on Thu Mar 31st, 2016 @ 1:22pm by Magnus Temple
Edited on on Thu Mar 31st, 2016 @ 2:58pm

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Federation Embassy

Temple smiled into his console as Commissioner Taylor appeared on screen, direct from the Diplomatic Corp HQ on Earth. Taylor was a dignified older man, wearing his formal dress uniform as standard. The man was always off to a reception or function somewhere.

Magnus had interned for Taylor after graduating from the Academy, though they had always maintained a professional and formal demeanour with each other. Magnus still called him 'sir', as he had always done. There were the odd moments of familiarity; a glass of whiskey after his first appointment, a full bottle when Magnus was elected to the European council.

Temple always sought his advice, even after all these years.

"Sir, good afternoon. Thank you for getting back to me," Temple began.

"Of course, I was pleased to see your appointment to Deep Space 12," The Commissioner replied, "We need dedicated workers in that sector."

Magnus smiled again, "Thank you, sir."

"And I see you're in the thick of it already," Taylor continued, "The attack on Gaspar was horrendous."

"Agreed, sir," Temple nodded, "These bandits are callous murderers but I have strong faith that Captain Harrison and his crew will bring the pirates responsible to justice."

Taylor sighed, "And attempting to frame the Federation for this terrorism. We were just making ground and this threatens the security of the entire region."

Magnus slumped a little. "Unfortunately yes. It will take a concerted effort to repair the PR damage."

Taylor leaned back a stroked his grey haired chin. "There's more to this, Magnus, I've been hearing rumours on unofficial channels. Obviously nothing I can confirm until the brass make an official communique."

Magnus raised an eyebrow. "Anything that will make sense of this situation would be greatly appreciated."

"Well until then," Taylor looked to his watch, "How can I assist you in the meantime?"

Temple nodded, "Right. The DS12 crew are launching an aid mission to Gaspar to help the colony and show the Federation is here to help. They're leaving soon and need all the supplies they can get."

Taylor grabbed a PADD and began tapping away, "Already on it, Magnus. The Aid Council were preparing a response when I received your message."

Magnus smiled to himself. "Of course, sir."

"There's a shuttle with additional supplies en route to DS12," Taylor concluded, "I've just sent you a manifest of the supplies so station staff can fast track it through to the away team."

"Thank you, sir," Magnus sighed with relief.

Magnus was still new to the station and as a Federation ambassador servicing a Star Fleet operation, he felt especially required to show his use and ability. A care package of supplies from the Aid Council for the away mission would show his potential contribution to the crew and Captain. It was still technically his idea, even if 'Commissioner Taylor had it as well.

"Alright Magnus, good luck to you and your station," Taylor continued. "I'm late for a thing with the Ferengis."

"Oh I'm sorry sir," Temple frowned.

"Don't be, I can't stand them." Taylor shrugged. "Farewell and be safe."

The two said their goodbyes and Magnus stared into the black screen with appreciation. After taking a moment to feel thankful for his friend and the diplo corp, he got up and left to tell his staff the news.



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