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Posted on Sat Apr 2nd, 2016 @ 9:36am by Ensign T'ami Lo'Wen & Magnus Temple

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Federation Embassy

T'ami actually purred with delight at Magnus' news. The diplomat had been on his way to talk to the XO when he received news that their boss, Commissioner Taylor, was waiting for him via sub-space comms. T'ami had never seen the Dane dash so quickly to his office. Now Magnus emerged and with great news too.

The two were standing in the Federation Embassy's main office, a bureaucratic room if there ever was one. Several desks and viewscreens neatly lined three of the walls, as Diplomatic staff monitor news and data streams from all over the quadrant and beyond. On the fourth wall there was just one large screen for presentations. In the middle of the room was a large dark wood conference table for meetings and planning. It was officious yet bustling with activity.

"Already en route," Temple spoke, referring to the supplies the Diplo Corp were sending to DS12.

"Wow. They never work that fast usually." T'ami was amazed. She'd spent enough time within the Federation Diplomacy Machine to know quick decisions were not their forte.

"Yes I know. But when they want the bureaucrats to speed things up, they know how to make it happen." Magnus replied, equally amazed. "I just hope it gets here before the Colonel and his team depart."

"Well..." T'ami sighed a little and ran her fingers through her long dark hair. Magnus immediately knew what this meant, she had something to tell him and he wasn't going to like it.

"What is it?" He asked immediately.

"I want to volunteer to go with them," She replied, resolutely. "I think I can help out."

Magnus grimaced. The thought of his friend out there in that dangerous place, practically a war-zone, so soon after escaping the near deadly conditions on the Vanguard, filled him with dread.

"Are you sure?" He just asked, knowing that he wasn't.

"Not entirely," She replied honestly. "I'm not even sure the Captain will take a volunteer this late. But something you said earlier, about being part of the unstoppable force of good. You really inspired me Magnus."

"Damn me and my speaking mouth!" Magnus growled playfully. "But what about... everything that happened recently. You've only just come from that and you want to jump into another terrible situation?"

T'ami sighed again, "I know this is sudden. But I'm alive and safe. That bandit jerk gave me a scare but he's gone now. The people on Gaspar have real problems, a crisis event they are still suffering through. If I can help, I should."

Magnus listened, resigned to agree, "Well I wish you'd stay but I can tell you're already mentally packing your things so, just promise me you'll stay safe."

"Yes boss,"

"And stick by the Star Fleet crew,"

"Yes boss,"

"And look after yourself."

"Are you done?"

Temple shrugged, "For now. But I reserve the right to lecture again from now until you leave."

T'ami smiled, "I knew you'd agree."

"Alright, well we have work to do," Temple smiled right back. "You need to be ready to go, I need to talk to the XO still, and we need to be prepared to get those supplies to the away team."

T'ami scrolled through a PADD, "The away team is due to muster at... let me see... Ah bay three nine alpha."

Temple nodded, "The supplies are coming through via shuttle so we'll need to sweet talk the station crew into speeding up the receiving and transfer process."

"I'll do it," T'ami replied, giving her hair a flick. "I've got more of a chance of my sweet talk working on dock crew than you."

"Hey! Plenty of crewmen have found me charming!" Magnus replied in protest.

The two friends looked to each other and laughed loudly. Temple was glad to have this moment with his friend, especially now. He looked to her with care and concern. Finally the two colleagues hugged, knowing what the other was thinking. For Magnus, T'ami was not just his Assistant, but his closest friend too.

"I'll be fine," She sighed. "Stop worrying."

"If only that was possible." Magnus smiled.

"Don't you have a meeting?" T'ami replied.

"Ja, ja. Meet me back on the Docking Ring in twenty." Temple answered, grabbing his PADD and moved to leave.

T'ami held out another PADD and cleared her throat loudly. Temple realized he'd collected the wrong one and sheepishly walked back, swapped them over and shrugged.

"See, this is why you need to come back." Temple said with a laugh, before exiting again.



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