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Party Planner

Posted on Tue Apr 5th, 2016 @ 5:46am by Petty Officer 1st Class Vartog & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Klingon Embassy

Haqtaj had booked an hour free for her lunch, but today she planned on filling it with more important tasks. After she had ushered the Denobulan delegation out she returned to Vartog.

"Have you seen that Federation school?" she began with her usual bluntness, expecting everyone else would just catch up to her in the conversation eventually. "It is a cushion. There is not obstacle, no rigour of body. The Fourth tenant of the qe'sa is to seek out adversity. I worry for Anna."

“I am sure Commander Delrisa knows what is best for her own daughter.”

She began to stride across the floor, "Do you know she is to turn five in a few days. Five years old and she has not been on a hunt, or taken part in as much as a wrestling match. At this rate she will be drinking milk till she is ready to give birth, herself."

"Imagine if she had been one of the refugees on that world. How would she have fared? I will tell you; she wouldn't. Well, I won't stand for it. She is under my care for her birthday, and I intend to see her celebrate it in Klingon fashion!"

Her eye began to flash as she turned to Vartog, "We will start with a morning hunt. We will probably have to settle for a Holodeck, but I want a real prey for us. Anna can pick the hunting party, of course. It is the start of her path to leadership to find her own warriors she can rely on. Once the hunt is killed I will teach her to strip it and clean it and we will serve it at a feast in her honour."

“Madame, I counsel caution,” Vartog said. “No, please, hear me out,” he added quickly as he noted the scowl on his Mistress’ face. “Anna has indeed been raised differently to us. That is the way her mother wants it. She does not want Anna exposed to violence and that is how Commander Soraya would see this.”

"Soraya is a good woman," Haqtaj agreed easily, "but she has been brought up among the Federation... no offense meant. They just whimper when they should yell. She is a doctor, she knows that inoculation is better than constant containment. Anna should be taught to hunt and fight."

She hesitated, "But... perhaps she not be forced to make the kill herself. She can have the chance, and come for the experience, feel the blood in the veins."

“If you must proceed with a hunt then I urge you not to hunt targ. To Anna it will be like she is hunting Daisy.”

Haqtaj looked surprised, "Of course it would. My first kill was a Targ, and it taught me how to respect my own beast. In some families you are still not considered an Adult until you have killed your own childhood Targ; a symbol of killing the child you once were."

"No," She held up her hands to stop Vartog who was already drawing a protest, "I am not one who feels that is necessary, and Anna is connected emotionally in a way a Betazoid can. I will find another prey, something which Betazoids don't gel with, like Bregit, or Typhous Rat. Koot, perhaps? But this occasion needs to be marked. She needs an opportunity to embrace the warrior she could become!"

“If I might offer a suggestion, Madame.... You are Anna’s godmother. It is a long standing tradition among human families and an honour which few other Klingons bear. In fact, I can not think of another Klingon who is godmother – or godfather for that matter – to a human child.”

"Indeed," Haqtaj swelled with pride, "and an honour I was not suspecting. That is why it is so important to do this right."

“I suggest you induct Anna into House Matlh.”

Haqtaj stopped short, as if she had hit a wall. She stared open mouthed at Vartog, a loss for once, at what to say. Finally she moved to a chair and sat.

"I had considered inducting Soroya and Anna in, but felt with Soroya's developing attachment to Wolf, having to check with the head of my house first would not be something she would be happy doing... but Anna."

She was quiet again for a time, then, "I will have to speak to others in my house. There is still some distrust of Humans and the Federation. If Anna found out about our past, she may not feel as proud of it as I do."

"Truth is... I already see her as a part of my House; in here," She hammered at her chest with her fist. "Is that wrong?"

“Madame, you ask that of someone who lives in both worlds; Klingon and Human. Someone who can see both the good and the bad in both. If your House can not see the virtue and honour in Anna and her mother then...forgive me, but your House would be blind not to do so.”

"Careful, Vartog," Haqtaj growled. "You have earned a great deal of leniency, but not yet the right to disparage my House."

Vartog decided now was not the time to withdraw: no true Klingon warrior would do so. “I can not disparage your House for something it has not yet done,” he pointed out. “However, if I am to be of any use to you I must speak my mind...however distasteful that might prove.

“It is an unfortunate fact,” he continued, “that there are still those of our race who are...xenophobic would be a polite term for it. They are to be found in many Houses. I have not found you to be so, Madame and, for all his bluster, I do not believe your uncle to be so. However, I can not speak for the rest of your House. Therefore, it is my opinion that, should your House choose not to induct Anna, then it is making a mistake. It would cost little to induct her and there is much that could be gained from a diplomatic standpoint.”

Haqtaj rose to her feet, "It is forgotten. Cousin YIghegh is head of my Father's house at the moment, by right of conquest and descent. I will speak to him of the matter and to Anna. Soroya may be difficult to reach while she is on this mission. There is much to do. For now, I need to eat. I do not feel I can face another delegation of Vulcans on an empty stomach."


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