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Underway and Joining Forces

Posted on Sun May 22nd, 2016 @ 1:44am by Brigadier General Morrilus Corrus & Jillian Forst & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: USS Steadfast

Wolf had a fair amount of experience in command roles yet somehow it felt odd sitting in the center seat on the bridge. Not wrong in any way, just a little surrealistic.

"Helm, ETA to the rendezvous point with our Klingon escorts," He asked.

The helm officer replied, "Less than 10 minutes current speed."

"Very well. Steady as she goes," Wolf said before turning to the display and punching a few commands into his command seat console.

Bannister realized as he reviewed his information that he was very glad the Klingons were sending people and ships. Jill being here was even better. Some things you can't do alone.

"Did we really need to get the Klingons involved?" Jill leaned on the Comm station. She'd been monitoring communications between fleet assets and the surrounding sector. "Just send them in with the rest and they can die in glorious combat."

Wolf smirked a bit and looked over at his deputy and said, "Normally not. However they've got a few things in their favor. First: Cloaks are standard on their ships. Not so on any but the Defiant classes which Steadfast is pretty much it in the immediate area."

He ticked off the other points in short order, "Second: I've fought along side many species, Federation, Klingon and even a few Romulans. Klingons are great to have on your side if things get tangled into a furball. Third: If they don't respect me, they'd be foolish to disrespect Haqtaj Matlh. She was the one who coordinated their hand in this little shindig."

"Sir," Comms reported, "We are being hailed. No sign of the hailing ship."

Wolf buried a wry smile before saying, "Very well. On screen."

A Klingon officer filled the screen. "Mongral Hod, IKC FHew II. We are here at the request of House Matlh. Apparently you have a pirate problem."

"Colonel Wolf Bannister, USS Steadfast. That's a fact. We inherited them from the previous owners....Their fun ends today starting with their top cadre," the Federation marshal said.

"What is the plan? Frontal assault? Hit and run? Ambushing supply lines?" the Captain inquired.

"Hit and fade. If my resource comes through on this, and the little weasel never has let me down, we'll also be engaged in with a snatch and grab. I hope you won't mind providing a little covering fire if it comes to that," Wolf asked with a cordially light grin.

"You mean watch your back while you take the glory and then clean up any mess you leave in your wake?" the Klingon responded. "When it comes to Hit and Fade, I would think our ships are far better qualified than yours."

Jill rolled her eyes at the intergalactic urination match that was happening over the comm. "Let's assume this isn't a trap for a second." She paused for a moment. "Who's going to be covering who here if it goes south."

Wolf gave Jill a sidelong warning glance (milder than he'd have done with most others) before adding, "When we go in, we'll go in cloaked....when we're lined up we'll decloak and open up. By we I mean all 3 ships providing equal bragging rights. If the snatch and grab comes in, you'll be laying the cover fire and a vast majority of the glory will be yours to earn while we're collecting our quarry. Can I assume that will suffice?"

Mongral grinned, "We will hold the line, Captain. Good hunting. Qa'pla!"

"Qa'pla," Bannister said with heart.

He watched the screen wink out before turning to Jill and saying, "Now the real fun begins."

"I can smell them from here. You know with them involved it is going to be a nightmare of epic proportions." She tapped out a few codes on the LCARS channel. "I should be able to patch into their subspace communications system to monitor what they are doing."

"Not that I should have to remind you but try not to be too obvious about it. They're our allies for crying out loud. Besides, the last thing I need is Ambassador Matlh wantin' to thump me 'cause you dishonored her house's warriors. That'd also likely get me in the dog house with the CMO."

"I'll try not to make to much more of a deal of it." Jill rolled her eyes. This whole thing was adding up to be a fairly miserable experience.



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