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Should I stay or should I go

Posted on Mon May 23rd, 2016 @ 3:15am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Captain Nelson Harrison & Jillian Forst

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Captain's office/USS Steadfast

The speakers crackled and spat as the sub-space relay kicked into operation. “Harrison to Bannister.”

Wolf blinked, having not expected a communique quite yet, before opening the channel he asked, =^=Bannister here. News, captain?=^=

“I have just received an invitation to an event hosted by a Commodore. It is ‘white tie’. I presume the Commodore is Lax Rendo’re. I have not formally accepted yet. I thought to consult you first.”

The marine quirked an eyebrow as he listened. This was an unexpected surprise, in fact. He asked, =^=Can I assume the invitation has an address for the event?=^=

“It does not. I presume that details will be forwarded to those who accept. That is partly what troubles me.”

=^=You can't seriously be considering going, I've seen some holonovels that start off this way, invite all of your enemies into one place and WHAM take them all out at once.=^= Jill had been listening in from the comm station. =^=If it is Lax, I can just imagine what kind of things he has planned.=^=

“I was not planning on going, Ms Forst,” Harrison replied somewhat tartly, “merely on accepting. I agree that it is probably a trap although I think it so obvious a one that I suspect that there is more to it. However, if we have a location, we might be able to gain some advantage.”

=^=It would be hard to imagine such information would be anything but extra leverage,=^= Wolf said.

“I agree,” Harrison said. “Alright, I will accept the invitation and see what happens next.”

=^= ...It's kinda too bad that these pirates are better than the average. I'd really love to have the reply go out with a trace package but it'd have to be done with exquisite care and ability to get by them. =^= DS 12's XO and Marshal said in musing tones.

Harrison thought about the comment. “On the other hand,” he replied, “we could include a trace in such a way that it would take some doing to find it. They will know we are suspicious and be on their guard but it might make them over-cautious. That could be made to work to your favour. If they are searching for minutiae, they might miss the obvious.”

=^= Hiding in plain site, as it were? =^= Wolf said verifying the thought more than anything else.

=^=We could just crash the party. I mean, it wouldn't be that hard to disguise ourselves. Could cut out the Klingons all together.=^= Jill leaned on the console.

“We could,” Harrison replied, “but I do not think we have the resources right now. We are stretched thin, what with the situation on Gaspar and ongoing problems with dissident Cardassian groups. Then there is the newly laid listening buoy net which we have to monitor. No, enticing as it sounds, I do not think ‘crashing the party’ is a viable option.

=^= We'll have to see how things go I suppose. =^= Wolf said thoughtfully.

“Indeed, Number One.... Indeed.”


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