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Doubts and Inevitably Pt 1

Posted on Wed Aug 17th, 2016 @ 4:39am by Brigadier General Morrilus Corrus & Lieutenant Contessa Cavenaugh Ph.D.

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Timeline: Prior to key elements leaving station

M.G. never was very fond of waiting. It didn't happen to help that he'd been stuck on Earth at Starfleet HQ for the past few years. Knowing that the balloon might go up at any time with regards to this pirate situation he was a little concerned about being rusty.

He had made a point to keep his skills as sharp as possible however he still worried. It bugged him enough that he decided to burn off a bit of the nervous energy and elected to take a walk around the station.

As it happened, Doctor Contessa Cavenaugh was moving briskly through the station herself. She had very little time before leaving on the away mission to Gaspar, but what little time she did have, she wanted to make the best use of. She had no idea when she'd be returning to the station and she didn't like the idea that when she did, she'd be just as lost as she was when she'd arrived. At the very least, she wanted to get a feel for the station and get a sense of the people she would be serving with.

Spotting someone moving toward her, she offered a polite smile and a quick hello.

MG slowed, studying the woman in teal curiously as he approached. His face turned to uncertainty as they got close before he said, "Excuse me, Lieutenant....I am sorry to bother you but being in the medical and sciences branch maybe you can answer a question for me."

"I am certainly happy to try," Contessa answered politely.

"I'm only visiting and I honestly haven't spent much experience with the Nor class stations. Any idea if all the medical staff, including the specialists, are based out of the sickbay....I guess infirmary would be a more appropriate term I suppose," he asked, amending his wording as he finished his question.

Contessa paused in thought and then answered, "Being relatively new to myself, I'm not certain. I would think civilian physicians and medical staff would have offices elsewhere on the station while maintaining a relationship with the Starfleet medical staff. Still, I suppose it depends on the preference of the chief medical officer. Some CMO's prefer to keep a close eye on all personnel providing medical services and others have more relaxed attitudes."

"Counseling staff perhaps? Helps to talk some things out...Which you did not hear from me. Marines are supposed to be indestructible after all," MG said with a sincere smile that briefly seemed to take a few years off his face.

Cavenaugh smiled. "Your secret is safe with me."

"Appreciated Lieutenant. With that in mind any ideas on whom to talk to or where to go, vague or otherwise by chance," Corrus asked shifting to the more lopsided smile that made him especially popular when he was around twenty as opposed to skirting forty, but he still managed it rather well.

Cavenaugh smiled. "I suppose it depends on what you want to talk about. If you're struggling with something and need a sounding board, I have time to meet you in my office now."

MG tilted his head slightly with a curious look on his face for a heartbeat before blushing a bit, "I think introductions may be in order. Morrilus Corrus. My friends call me M.G. I'm on what's turning out to be a temporary assignment as an observer and advisor."

"Contessa Cavenaugh," she introduced with a smile, "my friends call me Tess. I'd be happy to talk to you regardless. Sometimes it's easier to talk to a therapist if you expect to be a ship passing in the night."

MG nodded, figuring that made a certain sense. Once things calmed down here, he really didn't know where he was going. His tour was technically over and frankly he was never happy piloting a desk but, as a former crew member of the fleet liked to say, there were always possibilities. He made a gesture and asked, "Shall we?"

The flag officer smiled softly as they started off thinking that Adrianna would have liked the logic he just saw employed. The thought brought both warm feelings as well as a pang of sorrow. At least it was not as crippling as it was it had been but he knew he'd never fully be over it.

"Absolutely," Contessa replied with a smile. She thought she saw something wistful pass over his features, but she decided there was plenty of time to get to know him better.


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