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Posted on Sun Apr 24th, 2016 @ 7:35am by Magnus Temple

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Federation Embassy
Timeline: 2300 hours

Temple was spending a late night in the office, the rest of his staff having already departed for the evening. He was wondering how T'ami was doing on the away mission, and also worried about the ongoing troubles Star Fleet were facing here. He started to fear they could never bring true peace to this region.

Suddenly the LCARS screen on his desk flashed to an incoming communication. He accepted the call, seeing it was again from his old friend and mentor Commissioner Taylor from Earth.

"Ah Magnus, glad I caught you." Taylor began with a bemused smile. "Working late, I see."

"Yes. It's been an interesting day, sir," Temple replied.

"For me as well, I've just come from a conference with United Earth. I had the fortune of dining with your mother."

'Uh oh' Temple thought.

"She was surprised to discover I had been in contact with you before she was, Magnus, and wished to confer upon you the importance of communication with your family."

"I'm sorry sir," Magnus replied sheepishly.

"Magnus, the schedule of the United Federation of Planets Diplomacy Corp is not arranged for the sole purpose of passing messages between your family."

"'I'm sorry sir," Magnus repeated.

"And call your mother."

"Yes, sir, I will."

"Now, what's this about the Promenade project?" Taylor continued with a sigh.

"Uh right. Well the Gerard Group have been granted licence to renovate the second floor of DS12's Promenade, and the project leader is Michel Gerard, with whom I was previously acquainted."

"Ah yes, they do good work, you know," Taylor replied. "I had the pleasure of staying at their Shanghai Provence on Station 17 last month. Beautifully done, such attention to detail."

"Yes, sir," Magnus spoke, he opened his mouth to continue but Taylor went first.

"What are they doing on DS12? I may come to visit."

"Paris, sir," Magnus answered, "A replicated French boulevarde."

"French, eh? Very romantic." Taylor responded in approval. "I hope the staff are a little more friendly though."

"It sounds lovely." Magnus nodded, "However in his eagerness to get this project approved and started, Michel has harangued me into becoming a partner, even going so far as naming me as a partner to the Captain."

Taylor snorted, "Those Gerards. They're not actually unscrupulous, though they will try to push the line if they can. But they get results. Every station or outpost they have renovated has seen a twenty percent increase in crew morale and almost eighty percent crew retention. Truth be told, we all like to be reminded of home and they do it very well."

"Agreed sir," Temple replied, "Sometimes it's good to go somewhere real, too. Holodecks don't always suffice."

"Yes. Now, obviously you cannot be a named partner, Magnus. It creates a conflict of interest with your position as a Diplomat."

"I told him that, sir," Magnus said. "But he's very new to the business, and he needs help, I think."

"Fair enough but it is not your cause to take up," Taylor responded. "The renovations must succeed or fail on their own accord. Your role as Federation Ambassador is merely to ensure that DS12 is satisfied, and that the Federation's reputation remains solid."

He continued, "Between you and me, you can advise the young chap. These projects are good for stations but getting them set up can be challenging. Especially when there's other already established businesses, or overally controlling station command. Do what you can, unofficially, to keep the Gerard kid on track and within Star Fleet regulations."

Magnus nodded, "That's what I thought sir. Officially I am just an oversight on behalf the Federation. But I want to submit everything to the internal Integrity commission too,"

Taylor laughed again, "Glutton for punishment, are we? Very well Magnus, if you insist."

"I do, sir," Magnus replied, "I want everything to be above board and reviewed independently to ensure there's no confusion or impropriety. My acquaintance with the Gerards should be properly cleared."

"Fair enough, I will do so," Taylor agreed, "You have a good reputation Magnus, you needn't worry."

"Thank you sir, I just want to keep it that way." Magnus answered.

Finally the former mentor and student were due to say their farewells, as the old Commissioner reminded Temple on the importance of getting a good night's sleep.

"Yes sir, I have to," Magnus replied. "Gerard has organised a presentation first thing tomorrow morning about the project."

"Alright, well I'll let you go," Taylor said. "Oh and don't forget to call your mother."

"Yes sir." Magnus replied. "Sorry, sir"


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