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"They're Coming"

Posted on Thu Aug 20th, 2009 @ 9:20am by Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Commander Lorran Vos & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant JG Diego Echevarria

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.
Location: Ops
Timeline: Same Time As The Assault On The Promenade

Something in Beverly didn't feel right. She could feel life in different parts of the station flickering out and becoming something more cold and different. She couldn't place her finger on it until she spotted Ensign Echevarria moving around in front of her helping Mister Lake with something. She could feel him as clear as a whistle. She could feel the life spilling from him like a candle that had been light. People were dying, or at the very least being assimilated. Dozens of them, one after another.

Once she had figured out what was happening, she was on her feet and moving over to the general who was still talking with the Starfleet Officer that had beamed in several moments before.
"General, don't ask me how it would take to long to explain, but the Borg.... Their on their way".

Livia nodded and tapped her comm badge "Harrison to Hood, Make sure you and your escorts are at battle stations and ready to repel whatever drops out of warp."

"Aye General, we'll be ready for 'em" Captain Ascott responded

She turned to Beverly, "My Chief Engineer is almost ready with our little surprise for the Borg. Thanks to the Doctor and Ensign D'Ras, we've come up with a way to hopefully rid us of our Borg problem. I'll need you to organize a security detail to get him to the Communications Array interface though."

Zeek Scottish accent was starting to come out "Aye Cap'n Devuor, they won't know what hit 'em." He said with a smile.

It was all coming together, now all they had to do was survive the affair. "Sounds like we have a plan. Krissy get a team together, seven people and Commander.... I'm sorry Commander, I don't know your name!"

Mason nodded silently at the command without interruptions.

"Aerelon, Zeek Aerelon at your service Cap'n" He said with a smile. Even though there was chaos abound, He would not let his spirit be broken.

"Captain, the Genesis is without her senior officers. If there's going to be a battle, one of us should take command there." Vos said, pulling Beverly to the side for a moment.

That was a very good point, if the battle came to the station in the form of a Cube or other Borg vessel, then they wouldn't survive. "Do you want the job Commander?"

"Actually, I'd rather stay here and do the fighting up close and personal." Vos said truthfully. He was starting to feel like he was running away from a fight now that it looked like he was the one going over to the Genesis. "Are you sure you're well enough to handle things here, Captain? You look a little green in the gills."

"I think the question you should be asking is, do we have a choice? We have to handle this or the rest of the Federation will suffer for our loss".
She patted her first officers shoulder, "I'll be fine Vos. I have a horrible feeling that this isn't over yet".

Vos nodded. "Alright, I'll go, but I'll be seeing everyone again, and unassimilated, when I get back."

"Take Lieutenant Daniels with you, were going to need Krissy over here I think".
Her mind was racing with possibilities and most of them were not the most optimistic. "Take Henk as well. Your going to need a good pilot".

"Will do. Daniels! O'Brien! You're with me! Beam over to the Genesis and get her ready to brawl. I'll be joining you shortly." Vos had to take command on the ship, but he wasn't going to leave before he saw Leanne for the first time since he'd left for Linta. He needed to at least make sure she was alright before he left again.

"Understood Commander" Daniels abandoned his circuit of the commander center heading back to the clear area dedicated for transporting in or out of the area. O'Brien was also heading to the same area for transport once both where in the safe area Daniels tapped his comm badge -^-"Daniels to Genesis, two for Transport"-^-.

It took a second but quickly he could feel the electrical charge of the transporter beam wash over him before the unmistakable pull of the transporter started converting his molecules to pure energy and the sight of Starbase 611 faded away.

::Mike and Diego's Location::
"Diego, could you hold that button there quickly?" Mike asked quietly, getting ready to work his 'magic' over a damaged console.

Diego was at least spared the perplexity of responding verbally. Pressing and holding a simple button made him feel like he was temporarily part of a cheesy 20th century Science Fiction tale. Jorge Jetsimpson? Um, wait, was it Jetson? And didn't Jorge start with a 'G'?

He absently gave Mike a thumbs-up with his free hand as he pondered this, his mind working blissfully unaware of the danger coming to do unspeakable acts of torture to him.

"Thanks, you can take your finger off it." Mike said, sounding grateful; finishing up. "Well, you can have a look at your basic circuits and a few secondary systems now." He muttered.

::Aerelon and Mason's position::
Zeek turned to the woman who would be leading his escort "Aye Commander Mason, its nice to know I've got such attractive protection." He said with a wink "And while I would love to sit around and chat about how I intend to get you a drink when this mess is all over with, we've got a station to save."

If she were any other woman Mason would have blushed or melted instantly. His Scottish accent was quite pronounced now doubt charming to others, but to Mason it was nothing but annoying. His cheek too was grating.
"You'll be talking for a long time, I don't give in easily to charm," she gave him a level serious look. Only a very few number of persons had been able to slip through the kink in her armour, Zeek wasn't going to be among the lucky ones.
"My team know their stuff, so please don't interfere, and if I give command everyone should follow with no expections. Understand?"

"I'll make you a deal then: I kill more Borg than you, and I get that date. If you win, I'll leave 'ya alone" He replied, his smile growing bigger "And don't worry, serving on Cap'n Baker's special ops squadron taught me more about combat tactics than any Engineer should ever know. I'll follow your lead, assuming your team can cover me while I upload the package?"

"They'll do whatever I tell them Commander," she answered coolly. "But I'm not intending to allow anyone to become assimilated which sadly includes yourself, as much as it pains me." She turned square on to him as if sizing up his psychie. "Alright, if you win you can try and win me over but I doubt you'll succeed, but if I win you won't even so much as think of harassing me again. Deal?"

Game on He thought to himself "We have an accord then. Lead the way." He said motioning for the icy security officer to take point.

Beverly watched the rest of the exchanges in Ops for a moment, smiling at Masons attempt to flirt with the very charming scottish engineer. Watching everything come together like a well oiled machine. Then something caught her attention, who would be staying in Ops to command the station, and help defend it if a Borg ship arrived.
"General. I'll keep a few officers up here in Ops and assume command of Ops. With your blessing that is".

Livia nodded "Understood Captain, the station is yours. I'll remain here , as I rather the Hood not have to drop her shields again." She took this moment to coordinate with the vessels orbiting the station "Harrison to Hood."

"Go ahead General" Captain Ascott responded.

"Captain, the USS Genesis will be joining your small group. Be advised, Captain DeVuor will be directing the defense of the station should it be necessary." She said

"Understood Ma'am. Tell Captain DeVour we stand ready to defend the station. Ascott out."

Beverly nodded understanding at the General. She could see in the Generals eyes that she believed things would get worse before they got better, and something told her that she was right.
She took a glance around Ops. Taking in the faces of the people around her. Each one in turn were her children and she owed them some debt of gratitude for what they had and have been doing.
"Ensigns Jenkins take the Strategic Operations Console. T'Arjia, I want you on the science station. Chief Jrez, hows your Engineering ability? I want you on the Operations console".



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