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Posted on Sun Jun 12th, 2016 @ 10:11am by Captain Nelson Harrison & Magnus Temple

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Promenade
Timeline: After Meeting

Magnus watched as the business owners talked amongst themselves as they made their way to Cafe Parisienne. Wanting to keep his diplomatic separation, Magnus chose not to join them. Plus he needed to clear the air with the Captain due to Michel's rather ambitious claims.

Magnus jogged through the crowd of people and found Captain Harrison, approaching with a warm smile.

"Some meeting, eh?" Magnus spoke, giving the Captain a tap on the shoulder.

Harrison turned. “It was about what I expected,” he said. “Your friend has a gift for selling his concepts: let us just hope they can live up to the hype.”

"Fortunately they usually do," Magnus shrugged. "But there's also something I need to clarify with you, as I believe Michel misspoke when he first approached you. It seems he has a knack for getting ahead of himself."

Magnus tried a laugh, "To be clear, I won't be a business or name partner in the renovations. My professional integrity precludes me from having such an arrangement. But I do support his work and will be acting as the Federation's oversight on the project."

“Given your relationship with Michel,” Harrison observed, “that might be seen as a conflict of interest. However, your professional skills might prove useful so I am willing to accept the arrangement for now.”

"I'm just there to ensure the Station and yourself are satisfied with the renovations, and that Michel is able to implement the vision according to all proper regulations. I have experience overseeing projects before in my civilian career so I'll be giving him advice and keeping him on track."

“I expect, of course, that all decisions will be run through Ops. I will assign Lieutenant Stills to be your liaison. He is a fair man and has proven himself more than competent in the tasks I have given him. Certainly,” Harrison added with a small attempt at humour, “he keeps me on my toes.”

Magnus smiled, "Sometimes those are the best kind of people. I'll have my hands full with Gerard as well. I will ensure that he runs everything through the appropriate channels from now on. I haven't met with Lieutenant Stills one on one just yet so I look forward to doing so."

“Thank you, Ambassador, I appreciate that.”

"I suppose I should go tell Michel to cancel the parade too." Magnus waited a beat before laughing loudly, "Sorry, my attempt at humour."

Harrison managed a smile. “Please,” he said, “do not even suggest such things. Now, if you will excuse me, if there is nothing else...”

Magnus decided he was better off quitting while he was ahead and gave the Captain his goodbyes. Now he was off to give that persistent Frenchman a piece of his mind.


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