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Charity Starts at Home

Posted on Mon Jul 11th, 2016 @ 12:25am by Cassius Lincoln & Civilian Michel Gerard

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Promenade
Timeline: After meeting

Michel was quietly pleased about the meeting this morning. Despite the Captain's outburst, he believed he had managed to gain favour with the other business owners. At least to allow the project to go ahead, without any formal objections so far. He tried not to get too ahead of himself though, already acutely aware that his arrogance had gotten him into trouble with the Captain. He would have to temper his excitement for the duration of the approval process to ensure he doesn't stick his foot in it again.

With the free breakfast he'd provided at Cafe Parisienne finished up, Michel decided to brave a conversation with one of the most important contacts he needed here on Deep Space 12. The Starfire Grill owner had not said much during the meeting but the Frenchman knew the others respected his input. His approval would go a long way towards winning over the rest.

He approached the long haired man with a trademark broad smile and open palm. "Bonjour Monsieur, I was so thankful to see you at the meeting this morning."

Cassius smiled and greeted the Frenchman in return, "Glad I could be there. It seems like something that is way too important to miss. It does promise to make things even crazier but that is how most very worthwhile seem to work, isn' it?"

Michel laughed, "I'm not going to hassle you about the project just now. Though I'm happy to talk about it if you want. I'm actually here to discuss donating to the Gaspar relief mission. I believe you've been put in charge of collecting goods?"

The Starfire's owner operator smiled with one of his higher wattage smiles before replying, "Yeah....Seems things have lined up so that the position is mine. They need all the help they can get and resources are pretty thin so your help would be greatly appreciated. What'd you have in mind?"

"It seems I have a supply ship with construction goods that I can't use just yet," Michel replied, keeping his tone light, "Obviously I had hoped to start building Rue Francais a lot sooner. Now it's just sitting in limbo as I await approvals."

Michel gave a faux nonchalant shrug, sure that the businessman would recognise his disapproval at waiting.

"Alors," He continued, "While some of the goods will be of no use to Gaspar there are some basic materials there to help with building foundations and repairs. I'm happy to donate them and the use of the ship to the relief mission if required."

"That would be amazin'. The attack caused a lot of ruin in it's wake. Shattered lives, shattered buildings....Worse if the rumors are anywhere near reality. It will be useful," Cassius said with a genuine smile touched with ruefulness.

"I believe I can claim back the losses from the Federation, and more supplies will arrive by the time I finally gain approval to build here," Michel explained, "So I thought, why have them sitting out there when they could be put to good use, no?"

"Tell you what....In exchange for your donation, I will help you lobby for both those things. I figure that if nothing else an extra supporting voice won't hurt," the Starfire's owner said.

A flicker of a smile passed over Gerard's lips. He wasn't sure if the long haired man had just seen right through his pretenses or not, but he was going to take the offer as readily as it was offered. He just didn't want to seem too eager.

"Oh Monsieur, you're too kind," He replied, "I really just want to help out."

"It's my pleasure. I've found that business can often require equal parts cooperation and competition. Too competitive makes it cutthroat which I generally don't enjoy," Cass replied with a tone of concession along with the outgoing friendliness.

"Well I will certainly appreciate any help you can give me," Gerard continued, "I will need all that I can, I think. Hopefully I can win them over with my official proposal that I'm giving to Station Ops." He paused a little. "If there was some kind of statement from a local business owner, that would go a long way to helping me out."

Lincoln nodded, "I'll arrange for that around the relief mission, I promise you. There will be plenty of business to be had here if things go half as well as the projections I've seen say."

Michel nodded, "That is my hope too. Alors, I have taken the liberty of preparing my ship and it's supplies for the Gaspar mission. I will ensure it is ready for when you depart. I take it you'll be leaving quite soon, no?"

"Yeah. Less time to prep than I'd like but luckily I know some good people. We'll be ready in time," Cass said with a slight smile.

"Very well," Michel replied, reaching out his hand to give Cassius' a warm shake. "All the best to you, my friend, I hope you keep safe and arrive back soon."

Lincoln reciprocated Michel's handshake and said, "Thank you again for your help. I'll see you when I get back my friend. I have that promise to keep when I get back."



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