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A New Posting

Posted on Thu Jun 2nd, 2016 @ 8:35pm by
Edited on on Thu Jun 9th, 2016 @ 8:14pm

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Crew Transport

Davis awoke to his alarm sounding a new day. He reached over to silence the subtle tone. Springing to his feet he made his way over to the small wash room and readied himself for the day to come. As he dressed Kevin looked about the small quarters aboard the transport. Two small travel containers sat in the corner, both contained all his worldly possessions. On top of them sat a PADD containing his orders assigning him to an infantry platoon as part the Marine Detachment aboard Deep Space 12.

Most of the trip Kevin took time to review the personnel records of each Marine that would be under his command. A majority of his platoon, most notably the Non-Commissioned Officers, were veterans of the Dominion War with the remainder being fresh from infantry training. A good group. He thought to himself.

The comm system chirped to life. “Now arriving, Deep Space 12. We will be docking in 5 minutes.” The message repeated 2 more times.

Kevin grabbed his belongings and began to make his way to the docking level. As he walked down the corridor he ran into a fellow Marine he had previously served. “Gunny, how have you been?”

Hearing the familiar voice Gunnery Sergeant Velica Torres spun in her tracks. “Lieutenant!” Reaching out to shake his hand. “I’ve been great, Sir. How about yourself?”

Shaking her hand. “Been doing good myself, Gunny. What have you been up to?”

“Teaching, Sir. I got attached to a mobile training unit. We’re headed to DS9 to do some maneuvers with Bajorans.” She smiled.

“Outstanding. DS12 is my stop. I’m taking over a rifle platoon.” Picking his belongings back up. “The transport will be docked for several hours, if you get a chance lets meet for lunch.”

GySgt Torres agreed as they both departed the transport.

Davis found his way to the Marine section of the station, eager to check-in and begin meeting his NCOs and Staff NCO. He found a door marked Platoon Commander stepping in side he remarked to himself how they were a little bigger then he was used to. Leaving his things behind he took the PADD with is orders and set out to Ops to report in.


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