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Double Checks

Posted on Sun Jan 25th, 2009 @ 10:00am by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Once the staff meeting had been closed the crew filed out of the lounge one by one. Before Kristina rose from her seat she watched them closely. It was clear that both Lake and Wesdon had previously worked together before being posted on board. They seemed to share a secret sort of friendship that did not incorporate any one else.
There was nothing wrong with that she knew, since Beverly was her closet friend Kristina knew the benefits of a friendship and she had learned from experience that they often flex and change, often breaking then healing again. But despite that friends were more important that a long list of responsibilities amongst other things.
The crew that shifted around her were all they had. Working in close proximity mean that temper would not doubt flare and new friendships would be born within the turmoil.

Returning her thoughts the present Kristina rose from her seat, inclined her head towards Beverly and left conference room. There was a lot of work to do and little time to prepare it all.
Standing at his console as if waiting for her Mr Lake stepped forward

Mike gave a friendly smile to Kristina as she walk forward "So, Lt Mason, where do you want to start?"

"Before Zhjave weighs me down with the away team we need to inspect the ships readiness for a disaster, not that I should think it would come to it." Kristina paused putting her thoughts into words.
"Could you sure up the shielding, check that all the ships systems are operating as they should be. I'm going down to the armory to inspect the weaponry you can contact me there if you have any questions."

Mike gave a nod "Yep." He walked over to the Science 1 console and started checking things over.

Glancing over her shoulder to ensure the younger man was working Kristina stepped into the turbo lift and disappeared from the bridge into depths of the ship.

Mike watched her leave. He went from the sciences console, where he had a ship wide diagnostic running, to the tactical console and started working there, checking weapon and shield efficiency... he had no doubt that Kristina had them in tip top shape, from what he learned of her, she was a perfectionist.

:: Krissy's location::
The walk to the armory was as long as she last recalled. The last time she had been inside the room was when her superior was still living and encouraging her to flourish. It was a little strange inserting her access codes remembering that small fact and stranger still it sent a shiver down her spine.
Inside the small room Kristina paced opening ever case, checking all the contents were both occupied and each weapon was in working order. The Genesis' collection of hand held weapons were limited in variety but extensive in quantity and equally as fiddly.
With a small exasperated sign Kristina knelt pulling the next create towards her examining the contents with only another two dozen to inspect.

=^= Lake to Mason =^= Mike said over the intercom.

Rolling her eyes she answered =^=Go ahead Mr Lake =^=

=^= We are all good to go. However, I had to quickly fix a deficiency in the shields, there was a .2 micron differential that... with a god forbidden lucky shot, could cause a nice hole that could collapse the grid. As I said, fixed. The torpedoes and phasers are at optimal status, as well, we're good for battle. =^=

=^= Very well Mr Lake.=^= she paused shifting the weapons create, chewing her tongue slightly. =^= Good work. See if there is another department you can assist while I finish here=^=

=^= OK, I'll play with the sensors or something. Lake out. =^=

Pulling out a phaser rifle from the indent form she gave it a quick glance before returning it back to its place. She picked up a second, immediately she noticed something was right with it. The weight was unbalanced and the firing mechanism had been tampered with. Turning the weapon over slowly in her hands her thoughts wavered strangely to K'Tan, his frame and forceful nature were crowded her work. She felt as if her was trying to muscle his way into her department.
Abruptly something very hot and extremely painful stung her hands forcing her to drop the rifle she had been inspecting. Recoiling she pressed her burnt hands to her chest blinking back tears. Stupidly she had allowed her mind to wonder, foolishly it had returned her lack of discipline cruelly.
She lowered further onto the floor, her head feeling suddenly light and there was a distinct darkness creeping into her brain dampening her senses and thoughts.
With her arm she pressed her comm badge: "Mason to Lake... Beam me directly" her eyes were drooping and brain grinding to a halt she needed to speak but all she wanted to do was sleep.
Sleep. She slumped limply down unmoving.

Up on the bridge, Mike heard what sounded like a desperate plea for help from Krissy, he thought that if she was hurt, sickbay would be best, it would be safe for her there regardless. Mike calmly said down over the tactical station rail: "I'll be right back, something's wrong with Lt Mason. I'll be in sickbay." he was panicking... the last thing he wanted was for Krissy to get hurt, somehow she had found her way into his heart in the time that she had known her. He took the turbo lift down to deck 12.

Groggily Kristina was coming round her brain was a touch foggy to start with, then suddenly with crystal clearness she remember what had happened and shot bolt right.
She was in sickbay and standing at her shoulder was Lt JG Lake with what was possibly a frown upon his brow. Kristina could feel her cheeks warm and fought it back swinging her legs off the side of the bed so she was no longer facing him. She felt like a cadet caught red handed doing something naughty.

Mike looked really concerned and admittedly a bit scared "Lt Mason, are you OK? What happened? Do you need a member of the medical staff?" he said all that kind of fast, still understandable, but fast.

Kristina rolled her shoulders. "I'm fine Mr Lake, nothing a demoregnorator can't fix," she guested to her sore hands. "One of the phasere rifles malfunctioned while I was inspected it," she turned to looked over her shoulder at the younger man. "I was lucky it was only set on stun." She turned back and nodded at the approaching medical personnel and turned her hands towards her. Once the medical staff had taken several steps away Kristina turned back to Lake facing him fully.
"How are those sensors coming along?"

"Yeah, good, I got them working about 3 percent better. How were the weapons, apart from that overheating rifle?"

She raised an eyebrow reminding herself to run a check on all those areas Lake had adjusted to make sure they were not going to backfire like the rifle: "Other then that they are in a good working order, apart from the ones I haven't checked yet."
She watched the medical member run the device over her hands, then looked up again and Lake. "I can take care of myself Mr Lake. Return to the bridge and continue assisting the ships readiness." her cold snappy self was back in position.

Mike nodded "Alright. Be careful, call me if you need me." He gave a dull smiled as he walked slowly backwards out of sickbay.

As he departed Kristina slumped slightly and winced at the pain being emitted from her hands. It occurred to her that perhaps she should have at least thanked Mike rather then give him the cold shoulder. He had helped her after all.
Perhaps he did have a spine and a heart after all.

As he was just about he exit he backed into a wall "Damn." he muttered. He turned around and exited quickly.

Then again, maybe not Kristina thought shaking her head at the young man. Why was it age always make the young so foolish?


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