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The New Team

Posted on Fri Jun 10th, 2016 @ 5:08am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Marine Berthing

To help you get settled (and to get numbers into the teams going to Gaspar), I thought I'd place one of my NPCs in your platoon.
I've left the location open as I don't know where you'd likely be gathering the platoon together. If you'd like to start with Davis addressing his troops or something like that.
BTW, I liked the post with the Gunnery Sergeant. Short and sharp. Nice.


First Lieutenant Davis completed a brief review of his new platoon. Each Marine was smartly dressed and aligned. He eyed them over, matching faces with their service records, sizing them up. So far he was pleased.

“Good day, Marines! I am First Lieutenant Kevin Davis. I’ll be your new platoon commander. From what I have read from your SRBs I know that you are all highly capable Marines. Some of you, like I, have seen our baptism by fire in the Dominion War. Others have been in small actions. Some are fresh from SOI. Regardless of our service histories we are now a single unit. We are a family. I know you will always look out for each other, as I will look out for you, keeping with the traditions of Marines!

We received a warning order this morning. We are to go to Gaspar and help the local populace rebuild from cowardly attacks. We, along with some fleet security, will be building home, schools, hospitals. Most of all we will be building a level of trust and assurance with the population of Gaspar. Like Marines from days of old we are going to have to face the ‘3-block war.’ We must be ready at all times to change gear from builder to warrior. We will enforce of meaning of no better friend, no worse enemy.” Noticing a Starfleet Officer approaching out of the corner of his eye. “Be ready to move out once the word is given. SEMPER FI!” The platoon responded back with a loud Ooh-Rahh.

Jrez walked briskly across towards the lines of troops and came to a smart halt before the officer in charge.

“Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez reporting for duty, sir.” The salute was a crisp as he could make it given that he had not offered one in over a decade.

Davis returned his salute in a quick, sharp motion. Kevin ordered the Platoon Sergeant to take over the formation as he guided CWO Jrez to the side. “I’ve only been here for not more than an hour and I already have an assignment. I’m to take ma Marines, along with a detachment from station security, to Gaspar on a security and stabilization mission. Capt Harrison’s mission briefing noted additional personnel being attached. I can assume by you being here you are one of those officers.” Pausing for a second. “Once our orders are received well be on our way.”

“Captain Harrison said he would draw up the orders and forward them to you.”

“Good-to-go. From all indications I am expecting the possibility of hostile contact.” Kevin replied.

“I hope to avoid that,” Jrez admitted, “though I won’t let you or the team down if it comes to that. My expertise lies more in keeping the platoon moving and its equipment functioning properly out in the field. I’m rather good at turning useless junk into viable spare parts, something that can come in handy in a tight situation.”

“See the Platoon Sergeant; he’ll get you hooked-up with gear and a side arm.”

“Aye, sir.” Jrez saluted then turned to get kitted out.

With his Marines briefed, Kevin quickly headed to his quarters and changed into his field uniform and assembled his gear. Once he was finished, he went to the armory to draw his sidearm and Phaser rifle before rejoining his platoon in the open bay where they awaited the green light for their operation.


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